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I have question. Some of you may have read my posts, about a Virguy that I'm dating. I went thru the hot and cold games, the spend time for a day then gone for a few days with no contact. Finally I got to the point where we were consistent, seeing him for 4-5 times a week, talking 2 sometimes 3 times a day. On and off the whole time we were dating he'd make sarcastic comments depending on whatever was happening, sometimes they bothered me to the point of tears. Most times I just let it roll off me. I've read posts and websites that Virgos have very critical tongues, I've also read they can be very insecure that plays a part in them being sarcastic.

My issue is, most times I say nothing or only make a small comment when he gets sarcastic. But when I finally reach my limit and push back, he'll say something like when I come around you on a regular basis you change. It's almost like he gets hurt or offended that I wont take his mess. He then said I'm going to stop coming around so much because when I do you treat me differently as though I'm mistreating him by not letting him talk to me any type of way. I told him try it, you cant predict my moves, I'll show you better then I can tell you. I didnt communicate with him the whole weekend, I had no interest. Then out of the blue he calls, I missed his call, he left a message sounding very happy, I texted him nonchalantly asking whats up, he said he was just calling to say hi, I told him I'd call him later, which normally I would have broken my neck to call him back, he said ok but I think he was surprised, I was so cool. When I texted him much later that night, I got no response. I called the next day didnt leave a message but rang just enough so he can see I called. Nothing.

Do Virgo men have to be in control? What makes me mad is he'll say look how you talk to me, when all along he was the one with the hurtful comments.
yes they do.....I think they have many deep seeded issues
no, I don't have any need to really be in control. that's one of the things I consider irrelevant. I'd much rather be happy; so long as you aren't trying to control me, all is well in the realm of this virguy.
VE, if you do not mind me asking....what sign is your Mom?

no prob!! frreeee!! GAWD I MISSED YA!!! my mother, my darling mama is a Gemini, the twinz!!
Thanks VE Missed you too!

Sounds like you have a good relationship with your mom. Most of the Virgos that I know seem to have a Mother who is an Air sign. Have you noticed this as well?

Also, by you having a good relationship with your Mum...chances are you will relate better to a woman than a Virgo who did not have this opportunity.
yeah, actually; my virgirlfriend's mother is an aquarius...geez, AND, my cousins mother is a LIBRA!! I didn't even see that!!!! wow, some virgo I make!! lol I do realate better with women as well...she very practical though, and very structual...I suppose it's just a mother thing....she's always telling me, 'you spend too much time with your head in the clouds, or dreaming!! you need to focus!!' I hate that....I like to dream, and think these things...but when we have good times, we really do have good times!! she can be hilarious running around the house, and finding the perfect outfit for work, or can be as childish as me!! Alot of the time it's like we play role reversal....I love that she's such a whirlwind of madness it's great to just get swept up by it!
Wow. That was awesome dy. I am not as familiar with your long did you and your Scorpion queen date before you got married if you don't mind me asking? Congrats by the way!
Oh my gosh just summed it up! My v guy is sarcastic as h*** but I'm a smart a** so when he gets sarcastic I just hit him right back with one or I just laugh at him because I think it's amusing...and it actually makes me feel better when I'm down...the sarcasm. Also because so many times my mouth insults people because I just call it like I see it....sorry I'm blunt. My sarcasm is my personality I'm a real take me for me or leave me the h*** alone type girl. His I think is insecurity......He knows I know I'm the ish and it scares him...I'm not conceited I just have confidence. That is why I don't get him a lot of times it's like I know I'm the ish and so do you.....I know he's the ish....and I tell him constantly (he never tells me although I already know it is nice to hear) however for some reason we never get past the surface stuff...who knows! Sorry for rambling I guess the gist of it is I think his sarcasm is hilarious and appreciate it and THANK YOU DY, now I know what it really means! So does this mean I can turn back on my sarcasm....I keep it off because I don't think he can handle it.
"Most of the Virgos that I know seem to have a Mother who is an Air sign. Have you noticed this as well?"

My mom's a Pisces with a Virgo moon, I'm a Virgo with a Pisces moon. We get along great, much better than the relationship I have with my Taurus father.


Nice insights, wish you had posted this sometime in July when I was stopped in my tracks by that Aries gal. Bah, I'm glad that phase is over with though, we've moved up to more open communication, she keeps me on the phone much longer now too... may not see much to you all, but I logged a good 4 hours of air time with her this week alone (thank god they were night time minutes ). We're doing a little halloween party saturday at her place, Sunday we're going to a haunted house, should make for a good date ...
"may not see much" = "may not seem like much"

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