Virgo Men & Money

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Does it bother a Vguy if his woman makes more money than him?
Should a husband and wife have separate bank accounts?
What should be finanacially shared? (if any)
Are Vguys careful about their money or just cheap?
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We drive BMW's, Audis, take expensive trips, and wear nice clothes.

Cheap? Hardly. In fact, I spent tons on my last Pisces. She walked out with 50k and an Audi A6. I didn't need to give her a cent but wanted her to have a good start somewhere else...away from me.

Do we know where our cash goes? Oh yeah.

Would it bug me if my woman made more? Not sure, never had one that did, so never needed to find out.
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thanks Vguy62! well maybe cheap isn't the word, maybe "careful" with your money. As in, you won't lavish on a woman on the first date or till you know how long term this will be?
and yes you guys do spend on yourself no doubt about it.
oh one more thing, do you guys like when your woman lavishes you with gifts?
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56 years old female from Planet Neptune  



Money is on their minds 24/7

They'll spend and lavish, they know where their money is going.

The only problem I see in the Virgo's I know, is that money is their main focus in life. Everybody knows that the Virgo's think all the frigging time, their minds are constantly turning . . unfortunately, 75% of the time, it's about money, in all it's forms . . how much they have, how much they don't have, where the money is going, how to get more, how to save more, money, money, money.

Life is about beauty and feeling . . not monetary value. Giving a woman a passionate kiss on the neck, while tenderly stroking her shoulder, will go a lot further than a BMW and fine clothing. Oh yes, money is HUGE to Virgo's . .
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thnks guys!
But if they are thinking of money all the time, would they be bothered if the woman makes more since that is their goal to make money,or they don't care who makes it as long as they can live a lavish lifestyle
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56 years old female from Planet Neptune  


I know my Virgo husband wouldn't be upset if I made more money than him because it's . . . well, it's more money.

We have shared accounts and he's not stingy at all. He's aware of every cent, but, not greedy, or anything.

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No, I like simple gifts actually. A pair of slacks, socks, a shirt, nothing much more.
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P.S.- my ex Pisces would give me weird stuff like dental floss, beef jerky, small flashlights, batteries for my remotes, car wax, etc. in my Christmnas stocking. I LOVED it.
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56 years old female from Planet Neptune  


OMG, VG62 . . . for a second, I thought my husband was talking. That's the stuff I always give him in stockings.

And duck tape . . what the hell is it about duct tape that is so fascinating? Did you get that too?
8/30/2006 8:35:54 AM | More

no duct tape yet, BUT lint rollers for my slacks, breath mints, nail clipeprs, just little crap, ya know? But I prefer that over the big stuff most of the time because it really is practical stuff for one. And the details that bought baout those kinds of gifts is admirable in my opinion.

I really appreciate the small stuff. You have a lucky husband!
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Just because money is not on top of our lists, does not mean we are unable to make it.

I see nopthing wrong with making money, but I do see wrong in living for it.

Cash is simple a commodity, you buy and sell it like anything else. It can be a tool or a shackle, I think most virgos use it as a tool.

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It's great for a rainy day too!
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