Virgo man in bed??

So from your experiences how does the virgo man do in bed? Men are open to comment too!!
"So from your experiences how does the virgo man do in bed? Men are open to comment too!!"

So you meant Virgo women in the first place..??

I am curious too.. I've heard that they are exceptionally sexy, and desirable.. those from Cancer/Aquarius too?? but damn Aries/scorpions are HOT? !

Taurusians are tricky at first?. But once they starting?. Jesus.. wow?!

Fishes are damn cold "Naturally"?.. avoid?!!
Virgo men in bed are really passionate, but it takes time for them and you have to know that it's a latent passion. I am a Scorpio, 'nuff said.
Hi There,

Saw the title and just had to post. Im a Libra female and my Virgo ex is by far the most passionate expressive lover I have ever had. Not prudish and a very very attentive lover. Can't say enough about him, to this day If I could be with one man again...only for one would be him...

Ahem!!!! Talking abotu virgo sexuality..if there is a sign who can make me blush as if it was the first time..each time..ti is the Virgo Man.... his crystal clear beautiful eyes...curvaceous lips...vow ...a subdued glow on his face..which ahs potentiality of million mega watts light...can melt me in a jiffy.And add to it the stamina...of going on and on and on...a Virgo is subtle on the outside under hte public glare..but in private....... SIGH!!!! YOu ve to actually touch his heart in order ot experince that dormant volcanic eruption liek passion.
Hi Looneybird,

AMEN!!! Well put...and a great point on touching their heart. My Virgo was really nervous until he knew he had feelings and then it was on. We were together for many years and never did the sexuality or sensuality even come close to cooling off. Like I said, If I only had one pick of all the men in my would be him. *S*

I'm identifying with almost all the comments so far. I'm wondering what date these hot Virgo men celebrate their birthdayson. Just out of interest! Also and I know this is not directly linked with the topic but have you noticed that most of the virgos you meet have quite thin lips? Cos I have!
Hi MellowDee,

Well my Virgos Birthaday is 9/10/61. As far as the lips go, no, he had the nicest fullest kissable lips....very yummy..*S*

Ok that's interesting. The thin lips thing is based on nothing except my personal observation. I bet your ex-boyfriend had a good few planets in Libra? Would you ever consider hooking back up with him? By the way his birthdate would make him a Chinese Ox Virgo just like my man who's 10th September also 1973! Yeah I agree about the cuddly bit too.
Obone~ what do you mean fishes are cold??? I'm a fish and far from it, Most of my girlfriends are pisces and they are far from being cold in the bedroom. Now if U R talking about males pisces I'd have no idea I have never dated one.
Get real, fish aren't sex beasts or anything. I happen to like that, so calm down.

It's like the taurus clan thinking they're wild in bed, c'mon now.
MR CRABBY~ I never said sex beast but I do have a wonderful imagination in the bedroom and I'm very into my partners needs and I love giving him pleasure. I could spend all day long with my cancer man in bed and we wouldn't be sleeping.
What's wrong with sleeping????!

I'm a crab who doesn't like to be pleasured, btw, how strange.
I love sleeping but sometimes you just need a nice 2hr nap to recharge your system, I don't mind just snuggling and holding each other......It's not strange you don't like being pleasured you know what you want and don't. I just think cancer men are very interesting. I dated Virgo for 10 years and I don't know why anyone thinks that Pisces & Virgo get along so well we never agreed on anything and he was very negative.
Well I'm a bit jealous of pisces females because I think they have an allure for virgo men that I can only immitate. It's the whole mermaid flower child kinda charming vibe that instinctively melts the virgo man's reserve. I, as an aquarian, am quite masculine at times in my approach to things and not a delicate flower if I decide I want to do something my way even though my virgo fella is insisting on it as being the gentlemanly thing to do it himself. (I dunno if I'm making sense (am sipping whisky now)). Anyway this makes me ever so slightly jealous of pisces ladies around him when I'm there because I start to feel intimidated and lacking in the gentle and graceful art of submission. But maybe that's just me!
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