Virgo men are skilled manipulators!!! :@

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26 years old male

Vide cor Meum... Vi et Animo

Virgo men are skilled manipulators!!!


No we don't do it on purpose to hurt people, unless we have been wronged beyond belief.

When we are being indirect, it's obvious something is up. I personally never had the heart to outright tell a woman it was over. So I always tried to frustrate them into breaking up with me [never worked].

He is toying with you, don't entertain him if he can't give you a straight answer.

Do you love me or not?
Can you be committed to me or not?

Only accept yes or no, answers.
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♐(☉☿♀♂AC), ♓(☽), ♈(♃),

Virgo and let go?
this problem is solved only by you Lisa. Virgo won't help when it is over. pain in the neck does not know he is one.
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Okay ...that really scares me. As i have already mentioned, my virgo guy indirectly communicates with me and today he was being an out right rude SOB. ignoring me, when i spoke to him..he was beyond shy but not the type of shyness that he used to be...basically i might as well have spoken to a brick wall. This other girl gave him her number infront of me(yeah...his good mate told me that he always does this)...yet he still won't stop staring at me at every chance he got and at times it felt like he was trying real hard not to look at me. He turns around and starts acting all friendly to me....i mean come on...all i want is for him to tell me whats going on and for him to be HONEST. I feel like i've been kicked to the curb and the most horrible part is is that i have to work with the guy. I don't know

It felt like he wanted me to see him flirty with this girl. I know he flirts by nature but i'm beginning to wonder if he wants me to let him go (though it sometimes feels like he won't let go)...he has been cold to me like this before but bloody hell....i'm only hurting because he has not being a man about this and coming to me DIRECTLY.

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Guess what sign I am ... bet you can't g

Virgo men are skilled manipulators?

....... hahahahaha

Actually cancers are better at it. From an astro point of view, I guess it depends on the sign. I don't think they are -- you have to watch a virguy more than just listen to him.

I learned that the hard way If his actions do not meet up with his words then he's a fraud. When you find this out run as FAST!!!! as you can. Virgos hate being exposed hahaha, they like exposing other people, but when the shoe is on the other foot, holy crap, they can't take it.

It'll be just like dealing with the taz if you catch them in a lie. They'll do all they can do to prove that, 'Its all in your head'.


Now .... a cancer man on the otherhand. Those are the skilled ones

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LOL@being caughth out in a lie - oh yes I know this very well

Lisa get on with your life, you're being toyed need to ask questions that you already know the answer to. He wants you, he wants you not, he wants you, he wants you not - how old is this man? sheesh!!!

If he's back with his ex (I thought Virgos dont go back to exes?? LOL) do you really want to hang around anyway? Arent you happy that you found out so you dont have to live the lie anymore?
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56 years old female from Planet Neptune  


"he was hooking up with his ex and was trying to find a way to get rid of me"

Are you talking about the same Virgo man in which you were attempting hold to some kind of honor with you, yet, you two didn't even have a commitment in place?

If he is hooking up with his ex or any other woman for that matter ... is none of your business. He is single and has a right to hook up with whomever he chooses.

The only reason he would have to find a way to get rid of you is if you are up his ass. He's not your man in the first place, so what are you even doing clinging onto him, in order for him to have be rid of you?

And then after you said that ..... you went on to talk about all these contacts you have going on with him, attempting to keep holding him to you, when he's not even yours.

Get some pride, and dignity ... and walk the treetrunk a way.

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56 years old female from Planet Neptune  


Apparantly, you are letting him consume your energy .. for you are still focused on everything he says and does .. which is the opposite of walking away.

btw ... the fact that his game is detectible, makes him lousy at manipulation and cunning.

He's not a good con-man, you are just embarassed about being duped.

So, remove this energy from your being, and actually walk away, which = he is non-existent to you, so it doesn't matter what he says or does because you won't even notice to be bothered by it.
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I am in the same situation.
Only difference is , in this case he is trying to get back to me.

Very interesting is this fact- Last time he was the one who strated seeing this girl. I sensed it - he admitted and then I moved on. He dated this girl for 9 months by now and might have been physically active with her.

He does not seem to have completely broken off with her and at the same he has told me he wants to see me again.
He told me he has no one on line. So I gave a hint to that girl. That girl seems to have picked up the hint. She is now doubly aggressive with him to make him commit to her.

We are about to start a new phase and I am not sure if I should do that.
1. Should i think of that other girl or think for myself?
2. Although I gave her a hint, she is not contacting me directly but pushing him more.
3. Why would he come back? First time we were half way thru the road and she had appeared. We were upto the point of getting physical but had not done so. So I can say we have a long way to explore each other.
4. May be, just may be, he is testing his relationship with the other girl to make sure she is the one?

Help me, about the course of action i should take.

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Posted by Ike
If you were a scorp woman he prolly wouldn't do this .

Aint that the truth. Lol. I am a scorp who just started dating a Virgo man who I absolutely adore. With that being said, there is no way that I would be dealing with, contemplating about, or exerting energy on a man who I am just dating (with no commitment) who is behaving this way. I realize that not every relationship is going to be perfect and there are going to be bumps in the road. But this situation just sounds like a case of pure disrespect. What he is doing is not because he is a Virgo but b/c he can, like any man would.

Lissanth, walk away and don’t think about him anymore. I know it maybe hard, if you still have feelings for him. But the more you continue to question him and the ridiculous things that he has done the more you are feeing into this mess. Let it go and just walk away. With all do respect, it does not appear that he is the one with the problem letting go, It appears to be you. I am not trying to be mean at all. I just want to be honest. I think many times women talk themselves into staying in bad situations or entertaining bad situations. To add insult to injury, many times people encourage them to do this. So, I am being honest. Truthfully, he does not really know you nor does he necessarily owe you anything. In an ideal world he would just break it off. But he did not. He is a jerk. So, you must take control and responsibility for your own life and walk away. He should not have to tell you "I don’t want to be with you". The blatant disrespect (alone) should be enough for YOU to run for the hills.

Be smart, be strong and let go. I wish you the best of luck!
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Posted by Lissanth
Gee Ike that actually makes me feel soooooooooo much better! i hope no one ever does anything to you because you are a particular sign.

I dont think that Ike meant that this guy did this b/c of your astrological sign. I think he means that generally speaking Scorp women don't put up with all of this bull and would have set boundries and demanded respect in the begining. Either this guy would have decided he was not up for the challenge or would have shaped up b/c he knew he had to. See that is the thing - he did what you allowed him to do. It has nothing to do with he did it b/c you are a specific sign. It has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that you allowed him to lie and feed you a load of crap on countless occasions. Thats why he did it. Just breaking it down like I would want for someone to do for me.
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