Virgo men are skilled manipulators!!! :@

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Oxytocin, when it’s got you hooked on

"I don't get it. This is why men don't want you ... because you have no emotional control. There isn't a guy out there who would want a woman to whom can't even pick her own goddam self up and do what is right by her ... because if she cannot do what is right by her own damn self, then how is she going to be able to do right for him, or their future children together.

Seriously ladies ..... if the guy is a treetrunker then get some treetrunking pride and dignity and walk the treetrunk away. I don't mean "talk" about how you feel about it ..

.. walk away."

HELLO!! Couldn't have said it better P

If a woman isn't loving herself, if she's accepting bad treatment, How can a man trust her, love her, want her? trust her with his life, with his kids life, with his money, his love, he CAN'T and he WON'T, he will treat her like a dog if she don't show a sense of love and worth for herself by not accepting neglect, therefore he will not only NOT respect her, he will string her along, use her, and lie to her and will never consider her as anything more than an easy treetr*nk. I know we ladies are better than this, I know we are, walk away from silly narcissistic assclown commitment phobic men, they are not worth the butter you wipe off your ass LOL!
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lol amen!!
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