virgo does not chase is this statement true?

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You're a Cancer Woman - one of our Gold Star picks in the Zodiac.

My advice: Be sweet, honest, and as drama-free as you can be, and see where it goes. Some Virgo Men will chase a demur woman, and if that describes you, then he may very well be chasing...

Question is: Do you want to be caught?

We can appear stone cold to you Water Gals at times...
56 years old male from The Deep South •
" .......... DyarStra?e / dyrstr8z .......... Middle-aged V

Cajun: As a cautionary creature, I only chase women, who have shown some kind of interest in me. A conclusive nod or acknowledgment of interest.

Same here - EXCEPT for one night stands. If I'm only looking to get laid, I can be quite predatory - for a Virgo.
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""If Virgo doesnt not chase what does it mean if he does?""


ha ha

Im from Australia. we speak diffrently over here!
though im sure there is alot of aussies that can get there words across in which other countrys cane understand aliitle better! im just not one of them lol
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""If Virgo doesnt not chase what does it mean if he does?""

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ouchh..cajun and virgoking, time to hide it seems
i have no reason to hide i have life. but any ways u can't denied the fact that mass majority thats why u have all these women coming in here confuse. even astrologers point out this fact out. but yes there are virgos that chase bc they love to chase but there the minority. i have seen women come in here with guys that are virgos with different charts and the same thing happens.
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Popcorn is best for these kinds of occasions. Carry on folks =)
Virgos have a stubborn nature naturally, so alot of the times they will NOT chase after someone if they only have minimal admiration for that person. BUT, where Virgos & Aquarians are alike is in their ability to feel comfortable in chasing someone that they 1) already know will AND has chased after them & 2) Someone they feel worth it to have in their lives.

Virgos do go after what they want, BUT then are not the ones to "over-do" things just to get that person b/c Virgos are very good at convincing themselves that everybody owes THEM something & that everybody ought to admire them for something. If anything, Virgos hate being chased too hard b/c it leaves them feeling tremendous pressure to do the same in return, even when they do or don't want to. Virgos like to run at their own pace & when they've got someone chasing after them a little too hard, it messes with their balance and/or ability to gain something through their own pace. Don't get it twisted, Virgos love a little chase just like everyone else, BUT the difference is that they aren't ones to spend all their time chasing. They'd rather already "have" then always be in the process of going to "get" if that makes sense.
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What is there to hide from?

The Virgo men in my social circle fall under the same umbrella.

My best buddy right now has a Virgo moon, Sagittarius Ascendent, Jupiter, Uranus, Moon in Cancer, Mercury in Virgo, Mars and Neptune in Capricorn.

All I have is a Capricorn ascendent and Neptune. Are you going to tell me, such little amounts of Capricorn overrides everything else?

I have a Mars in Aries for crying out loud!
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I do chase. I'm chasing until I get a straight answer. Yes or no. I'm not giving up if I see doubts. If I feel something could happen and the other person gives me some hope, I do not stop communicate. It's quite fun on some level even if painful.
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I have cap moon but i have more sag placements than cap. but lets be real here u know we are not big chaser u have other v guys saying it to. u might be and thats good for u. im working on it. but i and it looks like other v guys besides ur self don't have a huge urge to chase like an aries for example.
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We are not chaser its true he only did bc he knew u for so long so he had a long out plan in his head on how to get u. unlike other sign its hard for us to chase after strangers the whole fear of the unknow. this is why we don't respond to women that do the whole playing hard to get thing. i hate it. we are very direct so if u tell us ur not into us we will believe u at ur word. the only time does this change is when we know u for a long time and we think ur the one.
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"so my question

If Virgo doesnt not chase what does it mean if he does?"

I think you read wrong...Virgos will go after what they want. What they DO NOT like
is a woman chasing them, texting, calling them in desperate like manner. They
have to be ready to go after you WHEN they decide you are the one they want.
One other tidbit...don't make the virgo chase you too long, he may get tired of it
and say screw it. If you feel for this Virgo, make sure it's true, because if it
is not, he'll know it again will say screw it and move on.

So what is the next step?

Once Virgo is successful, what is the ladies next step
obviously the chase has to end DOES THE CHASE EVEN HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT?, His put in the hard yards so its obvious he likes her he could picture himself with her Like you said "Virgos will go after what they want ". so when he has what he wants whats Next ??

What would make a successful relationship? Is there anything in particular that virgo is looking for, does he then want her to give him more attention?

28 years old male from Trinidad •
"Vide cor Meum... Vi et Animo My Opus Decan Compa
I believe you are referring to me.

As a cautionary creature, I only chase women, who have shown some kind of interest in me. A conclusive nod or acknowledgment of interest.

No Cancer woman has ever done this. It is the same of Aquarians. You can just never be sure where they stand (As a Virgo), till it is too late.

Ive been reading a couple of the posts, someone has mentioned that Virgo's do not chase?
the Virgo that i just recently started dating has been chasing me for nearly 2 years? at first we where just friends everything was good and sweet' untill one day he decided he wanted me and went on this crazy hunt he he!

im a cancer and i must admit i loveee to be chased' he is so special to me && out of any other sign this boy has chased me best.

so my question

If Virgo doesnt not chase what does it mean if he does?

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