what kind of style do virgos like?

From everything i have read, virgo men like a neat and practical/basic style in terms of womens clothing etc. I am personally quite unique and enjoy a wide varied range of clothing styles etc.. (i'm still neat etc) sometimes my virgo thinks my clothes are weird haha where as i get a million compliments from everyone else about my taste of clothing!

i'm curious as to what other virgo's like that women wear? does anyone LIKE unique/out of the ordinary clothing on women?

I always like women that wear something like this

This about right

Feminine Style, definitely!

nah not like lady ga-ga

im not sure, i have a variety of different styles, cause im a scropio and get bored of just one.. hahaha but i mainly dress quite bohemian/beachy, i like things like toe rings, lots of wrist bangles, hats, bags with studds etc. sometimes my virgo thinks its weird hahaha, most of the time i think he likes what i wear though
but i also have a tom boy side too me, im still look extremely feminine but apparently i can get away with snapbacks, flanelette shirts, shorts, vans, high socks haha

he seams to like this
Remember, don't try too hard to please... I think that was one of my biggest mistakes I made with my ex virgo hubby. Yeah, they criticize the butter out of you, but if you "fix" yourself to suit them, they get bored, lose respect, etc...
Well as a fellow virgoan My fashion sense is very simply , lots if nuetral colors, my go to outfit is skinny jeans, vneck tee , flats /heels/boots depending on the weather with minimal makeup and jewelry. If I was attending a dinner party it did be a very simple yet trendy and fashionable dress that noother female did have in their closer. We like things that are genome yet simple as nd different. When I shop I buy things that I can mix n match. I hate bright colors,like those neon jeans and nail colors. I find them tacky lol we like things nuetral n simple cute. Like I wear slot of black at time and I shop at Lulu's n zara
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I always like women that wear something like this

Lol this more if something a September virgo did wear. They like clothes like this. They're the party ones, August virgoes like things simple and laid back.
Posted by moongirljj
I definitely agree with the above poster...

A Virgo man can be critical and even controlling but the moment you become too nice, too accommodating or start bending to his will, he loses all respect for you and then he loses all attraction towards you.

I am a very strong independent woman, but I'm seriously considering leaving my Virgo guy because I'm so tired of the constant battle. Me trying to keep my autonomy and him trying to control me, I know he was attracted to me for my strength and for the fact that I wouldn't change who I was for him. But it also makes life so difficult. They can be the most loving men you could ever imagine or the most heartless.

Don't start doing everything to please him, he will toss you away like yesterdays garbage for a more fiery woman. They love the challenge and once you let them mold you or try to hard to please them the challenge is done.

If you want to keep him hooked, be slightly cookiemonstery, refuse to change anything about your style, your habits or your lifestyle. Keep him guessing, be sweet and loving one day and too busy for him the next, he will eat out of your hand but in a year you will likely look back like me, realize you are exhausted.

I love my V-guy to pieces but he blows every little thing up in to a mountain, yet never see's any faults in himself and he is absolutely smothering, I have to answer to him constantly. It was fun before I had deep feelings for him, because I could just shrug it off, but now its a nightmare.

Never do anything to kiss up to as Virgo, we will use that kindness to control you. Virgos like people .with a strong mind and know what they are about. We are not saying you dolled up for us, but don't change your hair or style for us. The minute you start kissing Our arse, we will lose interest n any attraction for you. We might try to control you, but if u reason with us we will learn to compromise with you. The worst you can do to a cirgo is constantly kissing our arse, font encourage our controlling habits, you will create a monster. Instead spoil us withaffection n loyally.

Kissing up to as Virgo is like giving a Child too much sugar, nothing good can come of it, n sooner are later we will grow clid of it.
i never said i was going to change my style for him
Posted by scorpio24
i never said i was going to change my style for him

Ohh I know, I read What you said, I was responding to what moongirl said lol you weren't misreading
Posted by scorpio24
i never said i was going to change my style for him

Sorry, I was just thinking about the other thread when he was giving the cold shoulder. As a scorp, I tried too hard please my virgo. Because if someone stopped doing something that was bothering me, or started doing something to please me, I would be touched and appreciate them even more for it. So naturally I expected that ex virgo would respond the same way if I did things to please him. It had the opposite effect. I fought it for a long time, and I gave in to the exhaustion and then he got bored. Its gonna be hard for a scorp woman not to want to please the man we are in love with
You know...
I've always been partial to the "NAKED STYLE" when it comes to someone I'm dating!

Its a style that never goes out of style in my humble opinion
Doggystyle, but thats just me
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