where on this Board is the Best and first Cusp?

I am a Taurus/Aries Cuspion, Are there others?
Seems One is the lonelyest Number
lol... one of my good friends is an aries/taurus cusp...
Yes a comment,

really, how are there surroundings when you are around?
Uh, I'm an Aries sun with a Taurus rising, is that good enough?
"Yes a comment,

really, how are there surroundings when you are around?"


~ Well they act like Aries, just more laidback...
I dont think that i act like a Aries, I have all my taurus traits but i am more driven then most other taureans i have met.
go cusp of power!
what about the cancer?leo cusp???
hey whatsup im on the cusp of powerr =]
yo, 17 turning 18 this coming earth day. I am of very precise borderline personality of these two signs and I am so stressed! I go active, then passive again, active, then passive. Now I lost track. I am tired, and feel energetic as well! Oh any advices for me to cope up?
the pisces aries cusp is the first cusp!
because aries is the sign of reborn making this cusp combo the first, and 'best' from what iv read because not only are the individuals strong in themselves, they are also sensitive. so it is the best cusp to beeeee
those ppl are the hardest to deal with for me taurus/aries cuspers tend to be quite opinionated and will be annoying to you unless you challenge them, constantly cuz not only do they speak the truth, they speak their truth

better have sum facts in order when you argue with those Rambunctious bulls
Well, that and we get off on being challenged.
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