The Cusp of Prophecy

Sagittarius Capricorn Cusp (Dec 19th - 25th)
Jupiter and Saturn
Expansion and Contraction
Visionary/Intuitive and Pragmatic/Imperical

Lesson on Jupiter and Saturn... (taken from
Jupiter and Saturn form another pair of opposites which can be broadly defined as the principles of expansion and contraction, faith and fear, enthusiasm and inhibition. When these two planets are supporting each other, Saturn will provide structure and shape to the vision and faith of Jupiter. Without Saturn, Jupiter would remain ungrounded and unrealistic, unable to manifest itself in the world. Without Jupiter, there would be no purpose or meaning to the structures created by Saturn. Jupiter is the entrepreneur with the vision, and Saturn is the ability to turn the vision into reality. We need both.

As social planets Jupiter and Saturn describe our experiences of the outside world and what we therefore expect from the world. From a developmental point of view, Jupiter and Saturn begin to come into their own as we stand on the threshold of adulthood. When the time comes for us to engage with the world as adults, to find work and to support ourselves emotionally and financially, we discover that, according to the nature of Jupiter and Saturn in our charts, our assumptions about how easy or difficult this will be, will be confirmed by the world's response.

Question: So where these two planets are involved, we get what we expect?

Answer: Yes, and this is a very important point. For example, as the principle of faith, enthusiasm and expansion, the world will often ?oblige' by giving us a charmed path according to the Jupiter position in our charts. As the principle of fear and inhibition, Saturn is equally pleased to oblige us by providing the obstacles and difficulties we anticipate, therefore reinforcing our expectations of the world.
Audience: Does this mean that if we change our expectations then the world's response will also change?

Clare: The short answer to this question is yes, but of course it is not as simple as it sounds because there is a natural balancing mechanism in the psyche between the principles of Jupiter and Saturn, which points to the fact that they need to be equally acknowledged and developed. According to the law of opposites, every polarity, pushed to its extreme, will become its opposite. For example, if we push our luck where Jupiter is concerned, we will eventually become excessively arrogant, overbearing, complacent and careless. This will evoke Saturn, and we will find ourselves alone to the extent that we are excluded, restricted or rejected. On the other hand, if we give Saturn his due, take nothing for granted, take the long hard road, suffer isolation, pessimism and periods of depression, eventually we may find, if we are fortunate, that a deep ?hard won' faith gradually emerges which, built on the hard rock of experience, nobody can take away from us. We will have found Jupiter. Clearly, neither extreme is advisable! We need to develop a positive relationship to both these planets in our birth charts, so that neither one becomes too extreme and each supports the other.

As social planets, Jupiter rules the benevolent face of society and Saturn rules the restrictive face of society. Jupiter rules our civic rights and all the amenities provided by the government or by society for the benefit of civilians: employment protection and equal opportunities laws, child and unemployment benefits, legal aid, hospitals, refuse collection, sports centres, concert halls, libraries, schools and universities. In this sense, Jupiter rules the ?they' whose job it is to provide all these services. As children, or for as long as we remain psychologically infantile, we expect ?them' to be the benevolent parents who provide for all our needs without us having to do anything.
Saturn rules the stern face of society and all the laws and amenities which are put in place for the safety and necessary containment of civilians: the police force and armed services, prisons and detention centres, rules and regulations, law courts, fines, penalties, punishments, imprisonment. As children, or for as long as we remain psychologically infantile, we tend to experience ?them' as restricting critical parents against whom we can rail but who wield power over us as long as we remain under their control.

Ultimately, the principles of Jupiter and Saturn need to be owned and integrated within our own psyches if we are to become psychologically adult. This means that we need to find our own Jupiter, our own god or gods, beliefs and principles which give our lives meaning, and these may in fact be quite different from the culture in which we live. And we need to find our own Saturn, our own inner authority and our own personal laws by which we live. If we can develop these two principles in such a way that they are no longer projected or carried by society for us, then we can make a positive and useful and valuable contribution to the society in which we live.

bahh... **Visionary/Intuitive and Pragmatic/Empirical**
Demonstrate a talent for sensing the future.
Are determined.
Usually do not have a good deal of patience with those who fail to appreciate them.
Will move on alone if not supported by others.
Recognize the power of silence.
Must learn to temper their intensity.
Must allow their warm side to show and to keep their heart open.

Strengths: Extra-sensory, intuitive, spiritual, enigmatic, mysterious, impenetrable, intense, concentrated

Should be more: Composed, serene, quiet, social, communal, collective, open-minded, democratic
The Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp can be symbolically likened to the period around sixty-three years of age in the human life and also marks the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere. During this period most of the land lies fallow, some animals go into hibernation, the winds blow cold, and on the winter solstice, the night is longer and the day shorter than any other time in the year. This is the time at which druids at Stonehenge made astronomical observations and prophecies, and when fortunes were often cast. Indeed the Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp may be said to represent Prophecy.

In human development, at this juncture in life, middle age is drawing to a close and old age is about to begin. The emerging elder must face a time when traditionally his/her usefulness to the material world has lessened. However, the individual's usefulness in the spiritual sense may increase greatly, as a mentor and inspiration to others. The days that comprise this cusp exemplify some of the manifestations of Prophecy (using wisdom to look into the future), where the visionary, intuitive Sagittarius nature combines with the pragmatic, empirical nature of Capricorn.

Sagittarius-Capricorns are influenced by both the planet Jupiter (ruler of fiery Sagittarius) and Saturn (ruler of earthy Capricorn). The energies of these two planets are diametrically opposed: Jupiter stands for expansion, jollity and optimism, Saturn for contraction, seriousness and realism. A kind of push-pull effect is at work in the personalities of the unusual individuals born on this cusp--they may want to have fun, for example (Jupiter) but be too serious to do so (Saturn). Conversely, on another occasion, they may set out to buckle down to the job at hand (Saturn) but be lured by a new horizon (Jupiter). The more successful Sagittarius-Capricorns are able to integrate both these influences in their personalities.
The fiery and earthy natures of Sagittarius-Capricorns speak of highly developed faculties of intuition and sensation, respectively, but do not necessarily point to either a strong mental or a strong emotional orientation. Those born on this cusp are consequently at their best when trusting their hunches and their five senses, particularly sight and hearing. Their articulation and expression of their thoughts and feelings may be more problematical. Ultimately, the development of extrasensory abilities, or even a single sixth sense, is often the most unique and remarkable qualities that those born on the Cusp of Prophecy can offer to the world.

Masters of the art of silences, those born on the Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp have no need for speech to get their point across. It is often hard for them to get what they have to say into writing, or express it over the phone, and they may consequently feel that they have to deliver their messages in person. Whether happy, seductive, threatening or punishing, Sagittarius-Capricorns make their moods known very unambiguously, leaving little if any doubt about how they feel.

Those born on this cusp are at their best when they are confident of their powers but at the same time kind and understanding to others. They are at their worst when they feel self-pity, usually a result of worldly failure or of personal rejection. In some Sagittarius-Capricorns, feelings of hurt or frustration about something they are convinced they can do nothing about are psychologically gratifying, relieving them of the responsibility of taking positive action. In others, a militant attitude may be engendered when suppressed feelings burst forth and cause trauma. Put to a positive use, however, such energies can achieve creative and remarkable results.
Cassandra-like, those born on the Cusp of Prophecy do not expect to be liked by other people, although it often happens that they are. Being independent of the approval of others gives Sagittarius-Capricorns a power and freedom that many lack. On the other side of the coin, they may themselves like few of the people they meet, and may thus be seen as antisocial. There is generally speaking only one requirement for being a close friend to a Sagittarius-Capricorn, besides the fact that you like them: you must accept them without reservation for what they really are. Those born on this cusp have their antennae out to detect when others are flattering them or simply being polite, which doesn't cut the cake. Consequently, only a few individuals manage to get close to most Sagittarius-Capricorns."
well, i can only hope thats true and something worthwhile comes of us(that goes for anyone really). cuz i know it's not just me, but sometimes i look around and think to myself... huh? ...well, what on earth am i waiting for... in a sense that we... the universal we... can be doing better and we all play our part.
hey CreepyPants
i'm sorry to bother you.......but where in did you see cusp information
I would like to get some info on the Leo/Virgo cusp
no prob... it wasnt really cusp information... just info about the planets jupiter and saturn working together. which are the two ruling planets of sag and cap. i thought what it had to say applies to what i've experienced working with this cusp. i didnt really look around, so i dont know if there is any info directly pertaining to cusps, but i dont think there is. sorry!
you may have looked this one up already, but...
ok thanks ......yeah I seen that page....I actually have it booked marked
Happy B-day to the Cuspers on this one...
I celebrated my birthday with 4 other cuspers and a whack of friends. It was kinda funny, we got into a big happy huddle and kept toasting to the caprittarians and sagicorns.
Hey Creepypants, I was checking your cusp info out. It seem like you have everything on point. I read alot about caprittarians on sites and so on "BUT"!!. None of seem to know there love compatible is? Do you know what caprittarians love compatible is?
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