aquarius and pisces

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  • Lioness888
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    Well I'm late to the party, as usual. nothing to add here.

    Hi @lioness888

    Hello lovely. How have you been keeping?

    Well. See you've been busy.

    Lol. I have. Burned the bridge so no more aqua and now I'm going to move forward.

    Yeah well do what you have to do chica.

    Let's hope this Cancer gets it right. 😕 Although I'm not a fan of those men I'm rooting for you.

    Lol. Last date was a Taurus a few weeks ago and that one didn't make it past coffee. So I'll see what happens if i meet up with this one but we have heaps in common so far and I'm liking the sweetness.

    I look forward to the post. Eventhough I'll be late most of the time.

    Btw I saw that you tagged me. I left it alone, just so I don't have to put anyone in their place.

    I tagged you so you know i brought you up. Plus it's if i say still, it might have just formed part of the sentence instead of looking like i was talking about you lol. ❤

    Makes sense. I like to know these things.

    Why didn't the Taurus guy make the cut?

    He was really skinny and shorter than i expected so i wasn't attracted to him even though he was good looking. It just ended really awkward too he asked if i want to do something after we had coffee and it started raining and i said no i just want to go home and he hugged me and instood there like this stiff board 😂. I think i wasn't ready to start something yet. I needed closure with the aqua first.

    You didn't hug him back? 😂 A skinny Taurus? They come skinny?

    I know right... he didn't loom that skinny in Photos. He probably weighed less than i do

    Lol. Yeah that's no gd. Hopefully the Cancer has some meat on his bones.

    He kinda looks skinny but at least he's tall. How many guys are you supposed to talk to at a time online dating? I'm only talking to the 1 and haven't replied to the other ones..

    How ever many you can handle. Enough time has been wasted.

    FYI, from my observations Cancer men seem to wife up Leo & Scorpio women quickly.

    Taurus moon though... lol.

    Oh Dios Mio! What does that mean? Are they slower?

    I think so... like he's 42 and no married so I'm guessing that's pretty slow lol. Maybe I'll talk to another one too

    😯 I'll wait and see what happens with him.

    What about you? Are you going to put yourself out there?

    Talking to a Pisces that I meant in April, but I just want to be friends. Meant an Aqua a week before him. He's very GD looking, but I don't want an Aqua. Lastly that damn Cancer I told you about is still trotting behind me, but I'm not giving in with him. Oh I saw this beautiful guy that lives in my neighborhood once, but he looks too young. And I don't want anyone that lives close to me. I like to go missing sometimes. 😂 We just stared into each other's eyes, said hello and I continued to talk to my friend. For the most part I'm busy though. I wouldn't be able to maintain a relationship right now.
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    Such an Aquarius lol. Why don't you want to date the Pisces?
  • Gnu
    For women
    Aries - simple dress style
    Taurus - clothes look like quality
    Gemini - bright eyes
    Cancer - matronly then crazy
    Leo - sometimes dress over the top
    Virgo - girl next door
    Libra - looks it took them several hours to get ready
    Scorpio - probably observing you while you're observing them
    Sagittarius - cheerful disposition then angry about something
    Capricorn - usually don't smile until they get to know you
    Aquarius - looks like they can run things
    Pisces - either very fem or yelling at someone
  • Thank you!!

    Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb : 0
    Sun Capricorn 25°29' Ascendant Aquarius 12°20'
    Moon Pisces 11°38' II Pisces 6°59'
    Mercury Aquarius 3°06' III Aries 5°40'
    Venus Capricorn 25°11' IV Taurus 7°57'
    Mars Capricorn 20°28' V Gemini 11°12'
    Jupiter Scorpio 11°49' VI Cancer 12°53'
    Saturn Aquarius 28°31' VII Leo 12°20'
    Uranus Capricorn 22°28' VIII Virgo 6°59'
    Neptune Capricorn 21°02' IX Libra 5°40'
    Pluto Scorpio 27°31' Midheaven Scorpio 7°57'
    Lilith Aries 20°52' XI Sagittarius 11°12'
    Asc node Sagittarius 1°44' XII Capricorn 12°53'
  • scorpiosnow
    Scorpio sun/rising/venus * Gemini moon * Leo mars * Libra mercury
    Just found out he's aquarius ascendant aswell….IT GOT WORSE Sad
    But he's got that incredibly romantic feel (pisces) to him and it's what reeled me in but everything else makes me hella scared of getting hurt
  • scorpiosnow
    Scorpio sun/rising/venus * Gemini moon * Leo mars * Libra mercury
    I’m in the very beginning stages here with a Pisces boy. Now, I’m a scorpio ascendant/sun/venus, just your very typical scorpio. My gemini moon makes me a little bit more easy going though, and talkative! When I like someone, I like them HARRRRRDD and I go all in. If I get hurt, it literally takes forever for me to recover and it really gets the best of me so I avoid it at all cost.

    Now, I know you should never judge someone completely based on their chart. But I’ve been hurt so much in the past and this guy’s chart is SCREAMING that it’ll hurt me. We have to similar things in our charts: both have leo in mars and gemini moons. Now the fact that we both have gemini moons should make us more compatible right? But he’s pisces sun, gemini moon, aquarius venus and aquarius mercury. That to me screams of indecisiveness, flighty and infidelity. I want something strong, passionate and reliable and I don’t feel like someone with this combo could get me that. My scorp trust issues are already there lol. Should I pursue this, or actually use astrology to my advantage for once and walk away? (he’s already showed signs of his indecisiveness, flightynessss and unreliable nature)

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