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  • Luxhc
    Cappy moon - Sag ascendant
    Every Aquarius man I've ever known seems to just get stuck in life - they want to do everything and nothing at the same time, and think it's magically going to happen to them. Virgo makes it happen, they walk the walk and talk the talk. They set goals and achieve them.
  • pisceswoman123
    “The trick in life is learning how to deal with it”
    I see one problem. You are trying to control him. You wanting him to go to a therapist or studying more is saying he is not good enough how he is and that you want him to change in the future. That may work with another guy but not with an Aquarius. You can not change him. So really think if he is good for you like he is or it wouldn't work out anyway. It doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t change in the future. He may. But he will do it because he wants and not because you tell him to.

    Another thing I see is that you believe that you will be making a big sacrifice moving to him. That will always be a weight on his shoulders and he can already feel it.
    If you move to his country you have to be happy about it and do it because you want to not with the expectation that he should be giving you things back because you are making a sacrifice.

    This is the two things that is why I am pretty sure he is “ not feeling it anymore”. I am not saying that you don’t have a right to feel that way. I just seeing as red flags because I know how important that is for a aquarius man and he won’t feel like you loves him.
    So maybe he is right and you shouldn’t be together if you are not happy with him.
  • I am a Pisces woman that has been with an Aquarius man (great compatibility, I know) for about two months now. We have had a few hiccups here and there, and whenever this happens, he completely shuts down and refuses to talk to me. The most recent occasion was about two days ago now, after I saw someone tagging him in very "lovey dovey" things. I confront him about this and he says she is an ex who believes they will get back together, and he does not want to hurt her. When I show that I'm upset about this, he also gets upset and completely stops talking to me. How do I know when these mood swings go from irritating to emotionally abusive?
  • Hi guys. a Pisces woman here. I'm in a long distance relationship with an Aquarius man for 2.5 years and I think we're going to break up. He's been my friend since high school, dated a bit, grew apart in college, he got in a relationship, broke up and got together with me after he moved to another country. We've met a few times. And kept our relationship loving and fun. We've always envisioned marriage and talk about it so much, longed for it. It was a beautiful two years. We've supported each other in dreams, school, career. But on our third year, it just started getting dull.

    Of course we fight, of course we had lots of disagreements. We're opposites of the emotional spectrum and it's hard, but we loved. I've had a lot of work cut out for me at the beginning of the year so I wasn't able to give him lots of attention. I do when I can of course. He has actually suffered through depression for various things, and I think being apart from me is one of those reasons, and one day he just started drawing away.

    Then, he started to lie. Started to cut me off. Doing rude things, pushing me away. Ignoring my calls, being unresponsive to my affection. Being so under pressure with my works, I didn't know how to deal with it and I started acting crazy. Invading his space, being demanding. It just got worse. It felt unfair to me as it was unfair to him. I was at my worst. I was pushed down the priority list. He ghosted me for two months, even when we planned a three month trip we couldn't take months ago. In fact, he distanced hinself to me so hard, I just couldn't figure out why he still doesn't just say he wants to break up and not push thru the trip? He acts like he's no longer my boyfriend but he keeps me around and ocassionally talks to me. I was so much in agony, so I just worked on myself. I was calmer and more composed, got a better figure, got new clothes, being more positive compared to the past months.

    Now came the month of the trip. And he started being more open, telling me he feels nothing, he's tired of fixing things, were just too different, and he wondered if it's fair to still ask me to come over. Of course I love him, I still want things to work out. And I told him I'm never gonna give up easily. So I'll do everything I can to show how much I've changed for the better.

    But everything is actually vague. He doesn't express affection to me, but wants to spoil me on material things like he used to (my mistake not letting him Sad because it didn't feel right if he didn't love me anymore), but ignores my emotional needs, worries about me because I'm sad, but doesn't wanna deal with me when I'm having trouble, he wants to spend time with me, but unsure of things if he wants to breakup. He calls me when I need him to, opens up about his feelings, but talks to me very limitedly, like one liners and Smileys. He doesn't ask about me, but he reports to me where he is or what he's doing, sends me selfies and videos. Then recently he told me he wanted to bring me to this restaurant he once said he'd bring his special someone to and we joked that I gotta dress slutty, but he refuses or ignore my sensual messages.

    It'st frustration and pain. I cry every night, dreading what he will do or say when I get there. Wondering how I'd go through with it if we fall apart when I'm oceans away from my family and friends.

    But I'm decided that I'm going. I feel as of it's the only chance I have to fix things. knowing all of this, do you guys still think I have a chance? And what should I do to win him back?

    My initial thought is forget about our issues and just enjoy the trip, and then talk about it before I go home. But I'm not sure if he's agreeable to this. His answer was so vague, but knowing him, I didn't wanna push it and drive him away.
  • ACsquarepluto
    ☀︎♊️ 🌔♐️ 🌅♌️
    My theory is that when the Aquarius man is busy with work or friends, Virgals can immerse themselves in an interest or hobby which kills time until he comes back around and potentially gives him something to brag on his woman about.

    Virgo man/Aquarius woman: the challenge might keep his interest.

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