Understanding Mars in Aquarius using Astrology

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  • Posted by Nightcap-
    Posted by RooSagicorn
    LOL! I don't know why but it sure worked with my dad & stepmom! They both budged.. weird.
    Think they connected through work and intelligence, both loved to travel and both were workaholics and supported each other in their ventures. If I look back, it is the Aries that budged more, however she got a lot more respect and support for what she wanted than my mom, the Libra, ever did. She also was a lot more caring.

    There has to be some other placements that come into play that make it more compatible than suns alone such as prominent air or fire in the Cap. Many Caps have Aqua Venus which should go pretty well with an Aries Sun or Venus. I've always been a fan of Aries with prominent water. It softens them up a bit and gives them some interesting contradictions.
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    Okay had to look up my stepmom's chart lol My mom has a metric ton of air, and she is distant, not so caring. I mean she is but not on the same level my stepmom is. My stepmom was caretaker for my dad, and went by his wishes, for the last 7 years of his life. My mom said he is lucky he had my stepmom, cuz she would've put him somewhere. omg. anyway.. no water in my stepmom's chart!! Funny my dad & the water. He & I banged heads a lot too, but my stepmom said I was his favorite because I was spunky, and willing to stand up to him. So maybe he just liked my stepmom's fire/earth/air energy vs just air. She is:

    Aries sun
    Gemini moon
    Aries Mercury
    Taurus Venus
    Aquarius Mars

    My dad was:

    Cap sun
    Taurus moon
    Sag Mercury
    Scorpio Venus
    Scorpio Mars


    Libra sun
    Aqua moon
    Libra Mercury
    Libra Venus
    Aqua Mars

  • Lioness888
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    There was one in Leo during Aquarius season end of Jan and now this one is in Aquarius in Leo season. The first one made things go to butter with my Aqua. The weekend the first one happened, his ex got married to the guy she left him for and we had our first proper fight which probably lead to the breaking up a few weeks later. This one coming is the opposite so maybe it will be a better one. Mars is in retrograde for this moon too so aggression and anger is directed inwards instead of outwards which will change it's effect. It will be felt most by Aquarius, Leo and Capricorn so if you have those signs in personal planets you might feel it too.
  • scorpiosnow
    Scorpio sun/rising/venus * Gemini moon * Leo mars * Libra mercury
    I’m in the very beginning stages here with a Pisces boy. Now, I’m a scorpio ascendant/sun/venus, just your very typical scorpio. My gemini moon makes me a little bit more easy going though, and talkative! When I like someone, I like them HARRRRRDD and I go all in. If I get hurt, it literally takes forever for me to recover and it really gets the best of me so I avoid it at all cost.

    Now, I know you should never judge someone completely based on their chart. But I’ve been hurt so much in the past and this guy’s chart is SCREAMING that it’ll hurt me. We have to similar things in our charts: both have leo in mars and gemini moons. Now the fact that we both have gemini moons should make us more compatible right? But he’s pisces sun, gemini moon, aquarius venus and aquarius mercury. That to me screams of indecisiveness, flighty and infidelity. I want something strong, passionate and reliable and I don’t feel like someone with this combo could get me that. My scorp trust issues are already there lol. Should I pursue this, or actually use astrology to my advantage for once and walk away? (he’s already showed signs of his indecisiveness, flightynessss and unreliable nature)
  • pisceswoman123
    “The trick in life is learning how to deal with it”
    For what I have being reading in here.

    Aquarius / Leo sun
    Taurus / sag Moon
    Aries/ Pisces venus
    Sagittarius / Aries mars
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    Posted by rejuvenatedheart
    Posted by MyStarsShine
    Mother wound
    Wounding around women


    Please elaborate... It sounds about right at least for me.

    It can indicate having a wounded mother or the mothering you received felt painful. You may have similar issues being a mother, although I would argue that with awareness this could be healed 💙. You may encounter women with issues...and it can also mean profound sensitivity in both yourself and others you meet. Which house/s are the planets in and what aspect do they make to each other?

    I hope you are doing okay 😘
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    Thank you lady. ❤️ And yes, my mom did have a painful time taking care of me during my earlier years because of the medical issues I had at birth... Pluto in my 5th House makes me wary about wanting to bear children myself. And the sensitivity part is unfortunately correct, haha... I have a short temper.

    House I: Cancer
    Moon in Cancer
    Sun in Leo

    House 2: Leo, empty

    House 3: Virgo
    Mercury in Virgo
    Venus in Virgo

    House 4: Libra
    Mars in Virgo
    Chiron in Virgo

    House 5: Scorpio
    Pluto in Sagittarius

    House 6: Sagittarius, empty

    House 7: Capricorn
    Uranus in Aquarius
    Neptune in Capricorn

    House 8: Aquarius
    Jupiter in Aquarius

    House 9: Pisces, empty

    House 10: Aries
    Saturn in Aries

    House 11: Taurus, empty

    House 12: Gemini, empty