Aquarius Moon: Astrology Meaning

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  • To start off, the man I'm talking about is a capricorn sun, taurus moon and I am a pisces with an aquarius moon. I own my own business and teach yoga on the side (i'm very ambitious, every capricorn mans dream, right?!)

    I have a man that has been coming exclusively to my yoga classes for the passed two years. after about a year of him being my student and him opening up to me and reaching out to me I could tell that there was something more there and out of character I suggested that we hang out, outside of me teaching him yoga. We did. We started seeing each other and hanging out regularly (1-2 times a week) for about 9 months. I really fell for him at this point and I could tell that he did too but I could also tell that he was keeping me at a distance and holding back. Long Story short I brought up the "what are we doing here" convo, 9 months in, and he replied by saying that he really cared about me but that he wasn't sure yet because it hadn't been long enough for him to know where he wanted to take our relationship. We spoke for two hours on it and he just kept saying he cared, wasn't ready and was focused on work and apologized for being selfish but didn't want to stop seeing me. With that, I took a biiiig step back. He kept initiating us hanging out and still came to my yoga classes but i took intimacy off the table- I needed us to just be friends so that I could get my head back and decide what was best for me as I was/am emotionally in it with this guy.

    I took time to date around and do me but I still saw the capricorn man when he would ask me / only when I was free. Finally after a few months and him trying we did sleep together again, two times. Both times, and specifically the last time, I could see it in his eyes and his words/actions how much he liked me, but I know that he is still not going to let himself feel that or tell me that. I am very intuitive and I pride myself on being able to tell how someone feels.

    After the last time we hung out where I could tell his feelings, he disappeared. It has been two months he completely stopped asking me to hang out. He is still coming to my yoga classes though (and there are a million other classes and why still come to mine?!)
    I haven't done much to chase him - I did text him a few times to see if he was ok but he just gave me the "i'm so sorry work has been keeping me busy" (typical capricorn). Anyways... he's coming to class, sending me songs for my playlists, staring at me and keeping eye contact while I teach and I can tell he's holding back. I just don't know what to do at this point....

  • ValleysofNeptune
    Pisces sun, Virgo moon, Leo ascendant
    25 years old male
    He's gonna be awesome smile

    But more specifically...Pisces are kind of dreamy, emotional, go with the flow types. But that's just his sun. He'll probably be a bit more bold and fiery and driven with his Aries and Sagittarius placements. His Aquarius moon will probably make him a little less emotional too. I'm a Pisces sun in the 7th house too, I also have Mercury in the 7th house but mine is in Pisces. So he'll probably get a lot of fulfillment out of partnerships and relationships. He also has a bowl chart pattern, which can make him driven and search for fulfillment in other places and feel like he's lacking...something. Which can possibly be a partner like his 7th house sun too

    I'm not a professional chart reader or anything, and there's obviously a lot of stuff lol but I hope that helps at least a little bit and is somewhat accurate smile
  • Geezus. My first serious relationship which feels like two lifetimes ago my ex gf on two separate occasions jumped on the hood of my car to prevent me from leaving after a fight.

    Taurus sun, Mercury, Venus
    Sag moon
    Aries mars

    Virgo sun
    Aquarius moon
    Libra Mercury
    Scorpio Venus, mars

    There was nothing dull about that relationship lol. Fights were intense, sex was intense, relationship was intense. Dated 3 years probably should’ve only been a year and a half.

  • Dreamyboy
    Pisces Sun, Gemini moon. I hate Teena. Teena likes me
    male from California, USA
    My best matches were an Aquarius moon and a Gemini moon
  • Hi everyone,

    long time lurker first time poster. reposting because I don't think my first post got saved.

    I've been talking on and off with this cancer girl since march (more in a work setting). Her Venus is either taurus or gemini but I think its Taurus because I've dated many gemini and Aquarius and she doesn't seem airy at all. Very cool, low key, earthy type. Doesn't talk a whole lot. I'm a Virgo Sun, Aquarius Moon, Libra Mercury, Venus,Mars,Pluto in Scorpio, Leo Asc. She was slow to warm up but she would drop subtle little hints from time to time as well, and some times after she would give me a massage I would return the favor and she would really let her guard down in the moment. There were a couple times a month ago where she was dropping heavy hints that she wanted me to ask her out but she seemed so innocent I felt like I needed to go really slow and take my time with her. Maybe dumb on my part because maybe I missed my window. Two weeks ago I told her about a weekend trip to Vegas and she did not seem very impressed with and almost seemed turned off by the idea I was partying in Vegas, and this week I had a red mark on my neck that could be interpreted as a hickey and now she's become very cold towards me. Last night I asked out for a beer, something we have talked about before and she declined I kept a cool face and then she start asking about a friend of mine..a friend I know she's not actually interested in so why would she do that? To hurt me? To see if I could maintain my cool face and not break? To see if I would get jealous?

    I'm really upset about the whole thing and I'm thinking about cutting all contact and moving on. I've always wanted to be with a cancer woman but the three cancers I've had feelings for and talked to all move in this weird slow fashion and it really throws me off and the three chances have gone no where. Because of my air placements I'm also an Aquarius south node, I'm used to dating air signs and the mental stimulation with those types air signs is amazing but theres no emotional depth. I've dated a few pisces also but they always seem to have Aquarius placements that prevent them from having a deep emotional connection. As a triple scorpio I need depth and security.

    Any advice or feedback on her, or just on Cancer woman in general is appreciated. I'm very determined to date a Cancer or a girl with heavy cancer placements, I acted like nothing bothered me but I died. I couldn't stop thinking, "wtf is she doing, why is she asking about him, why is she acting like this, you're not fooling me I know you're interested"

    I'm sad about it and I wanted to be with her but not if she's going to play games with me or intentionally hurt me to test my interest. This year has been a tremendous year of spiritual growth and transformation (including an actual spiritual awakening) For a solid ten weeks I was extremely sensitive to people's energies and didn't go out much. And remembered so much about the world and myself it was eye opening, uncomfortable and transforming. I met her right after I was comfortable being out in public again and thought it was a sign that she was going to become a special person in my life. Maybe it's a test to let things come into my life and let things leave my life.