Understanding Venus in Aquarius using Astrology

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  • Posted by Sag898
    Posted by Inimeg20
    Posted by Sag898
    I love Gemini Moons

    Yeah me too... but do you have any input you’d like to add? lol

    If she's a sag be her friend first
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    That actually makes a ton of sense. It's the same method with Aquas. But I'm afraid it's too late. This girl was waaaay more aloof than I thought. Just down right ignoring butter that I would send her. Nothing unusual just light texts and I truly truly gave up for a few days until tonight.. I realized she unfollowed me on a social media account. I called her out on it and from there it turned into her calling me crazy haha. It's fine honestly. My Venus in Aries allows me to adjust to these type of things rather easily after falling so hard. Must be the Scorpio moon tonight because I didn't see this coming after ending anything serious to come via text on a good note. It's safe to say I'll not only never text her again.. I'll never see her again as well. Oh well. Life goes on... I have a Gemini girl, and an Aquarius girl waiting in the wings next. Let's see how I do with two air signs lol.
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    Posted by RooSagicorn
    LOL! I don't know why but it sure worked with my dad & stepmom! They both budged.. weird.
    Think they connected through work and intelligence, both loved to travel and both were workaholics and supported each other in their ventures. If I look back, it is the Aries that budged more, however she got a lot more respect and support for what she wanted than my mom, the Libra, ever did. She also was a lot more caring.

    There has to be some other placements that come into play that make it more compatible than suns alone such as prominent air or fire in the Cap. Many Caps have Aqua Venus which should go pretty well with an Aries Sun or Venus. I've always been a fan of Aries with prominent water. It softens them up a bit and gives them some interesting contradictions.
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    Okay had to look up my stepmom's chart lol My mom has a metric ton of air, and she is distant, not so caring. I mean she is but not on the same level my stepmom is. My stepmom was caretaker for my dad, and went by his wishes, for the last 7 years of his life. My mom said he is lucky he had my stepmom, cuz she would've put him somewhere. omg. anyway.. no water in my stepmom's chart!! Funny my dad & the water. He & I banged heads a lot too, but my stepmom said I was his favorite because I was spunky, and willing to stand up to him. So maybe he just liked my stepmom's fire/earth/air energy vs just air. She is:

    Aries sun
    Gemini moon
    Aries Mercury
    Taurus Venus
    Aquarius Mars

    My dad was:

    Cap sun
    Taurus moon
    Sag Mercury
    Scorpio Venus
    Scorpio Mars


    Libra sun
    Aqua moon
    Libra Mercury
    Libra Venus
    Aqua Mars

  • scorpiosnow
    Scorpio sun/rising/venus * Gemini moon * Leo mars * Libra mercury
    I’m in the very beginning stages here with a Pisces boy. Now, I’m a scorpio ascendant/sun/venus, just your very typical scorpio. My gemini moon makes me a little bit more easy going though, and talkative! When I like someone, I like them HARRRRRDD and I go all in. If I get hurt, it literally takes forever for me to recover and it really gets the best of me so I avoid it at all cost.

    Now, I know you should never judge someone completely based on their chart. But I’ve been hurt so much in the past and this guy’s chart is SCREAMING that it’ll hurt me. We have to similar things in our charts: both have leo in mars and gemini moons. Now the fact that we both have gemini moons should make us more compatible right? But he’s pisces sun, gemini moon, aquarius venus and aquarius mercury. That to me screams of indecisiveness, flighty and infidelity. I want something strong, passionate and reliable and I don’t feel like someone with this combo could get me that. My scorp trust issues are already there lol. Should I pursue this, or actually use astrology to my advantage for once and walk away? (he’s already showed signs of his indecisiveness, flightynessss and unreliable nature)
  • halalbae
    hard to forget
    His upbringing probably had a lot to do with his rage. Many of the most heinous, infamous criminals had major trauma in their childhoods
    He had a troubled Aquarius mom. They usually unknowingly berate, attack or ridicule their children for their feelings. They dont understand that its a huge invalidation to a child whos still learning how to express. As an adult, one of my friends still has to set emotional boundaries with her Aquarius mom

    Theres also a pattern of Sagittarius moon people having absent fathers. Either emotionally or physically. They either dont know him or he lives far, works far, didnt meet him until later, he passed away etc. Their father typically is distant from their mother. Jupiter rules distance
    So bad home environment all in all

    Fire placements on Aquarius people have no restrictions when it comes to their theatrics. There were signs when he was a boy that he exhibited violent behavior. His mother and grandmother did nothing to address it

    Probably has Moon or Venus in hard aspect to Uranus too

    Regardless, trauma and mental illness is not a defense to render someone innocent. And if they are a danger to society, they must be removed from it by getting help. Not murder or suicide
    Saddest thing I learned when I still was a psychology undergrad is that some people are born into suffering, they inflict suffering, they die with those demons. It is what it is
  • haunt
    🌙 moonchild
    11th house stellium, 10th house stellium.
    Saturn/Uranus dominant, my dominant sign is Aquarius according to pullens chart.

    My 11th and 10th houses are packed though, even my sun and venus sit in both of them.