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    Posted by GemCurio
    The were speaking French and the conversation translated was typical boyfriend/girlfriend stuff.

    I was literally hiding from the world. I served in 3 Wars so the government had me safely nestled somewhere where no one shouldn't have been able to find me. I figure her voice was so soft spoken that someone spilled the beans. I mean literally there was no way she should have found me. And I will be as bold to say, it was so much better than a romantic movie. It was like The Notebook, The Great Gatsby, & Romeo and Juliet combined. It's dangerous to feel that deeply for another person that's not your children.

    I really just can't afford to get involved. My romantic nature is actually a problem. I discovered most women haven't the slightest clue what romance is. There's no future in being a dinosaur, and I figure I've already left huge footprints in that area. So, for me it's enough. I also have learned the dangers of being curious about the women. Just saying...

    Oh. ok.

    Ahh a veteran. Yup sounds like she worked her magic on someone. Lol She swallowed her pride for you. That's how you know an Aquarius woman loves you. We won't swallow our pride because we need you, but we will swallow our pride because we love you. That's a hard thing to do for most Aqua women. I believe you. I can see it being better than a movie. Maybe Aqua women attract prince charmings or something. I've had a few short fairytales myself, but they never last as long as yours have. My paranoia and independence always gets the best of me. 😞 My friends always say that they wish men treated them the way they treat me. Sigh! They don't understand that my mind is a little warped because of this. It will be hard to have a relationship with a normal man. When I get back out there, I'll figure it out though. Lol

    Yeah most women aren't into romance or don't know how to handle it. Some women appreciate it after they've witness someone else's romance, hence my friends. To each their own. Honestly, I don't think you've had enough. Your romantic nature sure will get you in trouble, if you don't learn how to curve your appetite for romance, for a short while. How long have you been divorced? I fully know the dangers of being curious about men, but oh well. Just saying

    Btw, why is it a pet peeve for you to have the quote your answering in your response? In other words, why do you erease the quote above yours? 😬
    Posted by GemCurio
    We had discussions before and during the marriage. She actually became very vain towards the end of the marriage and didn't want to lose "her body", which I also had placed investments in...lol No, she never explained anything regarding it. Instead, she made an attempt to make me feel guilty over the period where our marriage was falling apart. It was then that I finally blew her spot up and revealed everything I was aware of her doing including the lies she said. The last being just a few hours prior to me leaving. It was the very last time we spoke both of us apologizing to each other for any damage caused to one another. I don't know why, but whenever I reflect on that last conversation, something inside me fully knows she would have continued to try and string me along if I were willing. In contrast, overall I think Aquarius women when they do love someone, rarely can a person feel more complete with any other human being. And because through human interaction a state of nirvana is reached, each scenario where it ends the world changes for the person that loses one. I forgot who said it but, "For the best in this world comes only out of great sacrifices." Relationships are the same way I've learned..

    I'm projecting, but maybe she was nervous about becoming a mother. Becoming a wife and a mother gives me high anxiety. I'm confident that I can succeed in any and everything, but those things.

    Regarding the vanity, did she think she was going to lose you or her admirers after her body changed? Were you ever critical of her? You being a Virgo, I have to ask. lol Seriously, its not rare for men to lose the attraction to their wives, after her body changes from having a baby.

    How did she try to make you feel guilty? What made you hold back on calling her out in the midst of those things, "lies and manipulation", happening?

    Sounds like she had blind love for you, as you said you had for her. An Aquarius woman finding someone they can love and TRUST is very rare. From what you wrote in your initial post, seems like you sincerely loved her and treated her well. For those reasons, I guess she held on to you the only way she knew how. Sounds very painful for both of you.

    Btw, the things you said in the last paragraph of your last post where very sweet. May I ask how your "world changed" after your relationship ended with her?

    "Relationships are the same way I've learned.." Indeed. I bet she feels the same. She sacrificed her integrity to hold on to you. Aquarius women never compromise our integrity. I bet she feels weak and upset with herself for hurting you, even if there's more to the story on your end.

  • Haven't a clue about the astrology behind it but as a Virgo man I was with an Aquarius woman for 15 years;12 of which was marriage so I am qualified to discuss it. When this attraction happens, it occurs on all levels. Aquarius women are dreamers and Virgo Men make dreams come true when in love. Every dream, educational and career pursuit, charitable deed, & suggestion/desire she had uttered, she received without fail until the relationship began to fall apart from a deeply rooted truth of hers that I wasn't aware of. She was the most beautiful person I thought I would ever meet in my life on the inside, and I was capable of bringing out her very best in everything she desired to be. Aquarius women have hearts full of compassion and a head filled with dreams. As a Virgo Man I provided the stability, guidance, support, and desperately needed alternative viewpoints necessary to fulfill the goals in her head and the dreams of her heart. Overall, as a Virgo Man seeing the joy she was filled with to live her dreams was more than enough to keep me happy for the most part. We would probably still be married if this underlying truth wasn't so deeply against my core. I digress. A Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman can work out as long as they both desire the same things and there's no lies. Bottom line. Great mental connection, great emotional connection, unlimited growth potential, and the sexuality grows continuously. My best attempt at an unbiased opinion.
  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S

    lol holy crap...an aquarius woman ;p
  • Dreamyboy
    Pisces Sun, Gemini moon. I hate Teena. Teena likes me
    male from California, USA
    A little over a year. A gorgeous Aquarius woman, me Pisces. She was exactly the way I preferred too. The water bearer dried me up, but that was also the moment I matured.

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