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    Posted by Sunsetvirgo
    This man really does believe I wanna hear about how great his date went LMFAOOOO “it was So GrEaT i ThInK sHe ReAlLy LiKeS mE” BIH
    And now he’s getting mad at me bc “I’m being distant” do it LOOK like I wanna hear about ur great date ??????????????
    Wait until when on the second date she starts bringing up marriage, four kids, white picket fences, and their puppy she wants to name Buster that is so cute because he'll chew up The Bull's dress shoes...He'll be running to you!

    🤢 I would be running too, unfortunately I won’t be on the other side with arms wide open.

    Cancer women can have the bulls. Not for me chief.

    Earth signs are too stale for cancer women

    Taurus also seems problematic and annoying

    But yes ther's a draw

    Well chief that’s y’alls men so idk good luck
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    I see them dating fire signs like Aries and marrying Pisces and Libra

    So they're not our men
  • Gnu
    For women
    Aries - simple dress style
    Taurus - clothes look like quality
    Gemini - bright eyes
    Cancer - matronly then crazy
    Leo - sometimes dress over the top
    Virgo - girl next door
    Libra - looks it took them several hours to get ready
    Scorpio - probably observing you while you're observing them
    Sagittarius - cheerful disposition then angry about something
    Capricorn - usually don't smile until they get to know you
    Aquarius - looks like they can run things
    Pisces - either very fem or yelling at someone
  • princessofthenight
    Pisces Sun, Sagittarius Moon.Venus Aries
    35 years old female
    I had also 3 relationships with sag all was 1 years each....Pisces I think it can work but i ended 2 of them and the 3d was weird ending....I like sag men freakin funny i can laugh all the is amazing i think they the only men who get need to say do that or that ,you just imagine it and he is doing it already. Its not borring ..i get very fast they are a bit crazy so we try new things ...also it doesnt matter the place. I like space so they like to...we did party and have fun like best friends, gaming...anything like this same interests and hobbys.
    We are both flirty and like that but it's nothing bad as long as we go back home togheter and make love all the night. I like sag they are not that jelous as others...i mean they don;t tell nothing as long is a flirt..if is more is bad they get hurt and think u just play with i needed to learn to open more but then it was harder for me i was younger, both ended because of that jelousy....even after they called me and wanned get back .The 3d i need to go to another country so i told him to come with me but he didn't want to ,he said his mom would be she told me the same.....anyways i did go and didnt stay for him so maybe thats why he didnt want be with me anymore cuz he did think i am an egoist.
    Anyways i would never give a sag for any other men. This men are allways in a good mood. And allways horny hahhah and i am to so it happend to me with other men telling me i am obssesed or crazy..not with Sag or Aries.
    It can work if both really want. As young is hard cuz both like tryin new things.
  • Thank you!!

    Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb : 0
    Sun Capricorn 25°29' Ascendant Aquarius 12°20'
    Moon Pisces 11°38' II Pisces 6°59'
    Mercury Aquarius 3°06' III Aries 5°40'
    Venus Capricorn 25°11' IV Taurus 7°57'
    Mars Capricorn 20°28' V Gemini 11°12'
    Jupiter Scorpio 11°49' VI Cancer 12°53'
    Saturn Aquarius 28°31' VII Leo 12°20'
    Uranus Capricorn 22°28' VIII Virgo 6°59'
    Neptune Capricorn 21°02' IX Libra 5°40'
    Pluto Scorpio 27°31' Midheaven Scorpio 7°57'
    Lilith Aries 20°52' XI Sagittarius 11°12'
    Asc node Sagittarius 1°44' XII Capricorn 12°53'
  • Your sun sign: Virgo
    The signs you are mainly good friends/BFF with: Scorpios and Aquas
    The signs you least get along with: -
    The signs you wouldn't want to mess with: Gemini’s because they’re unpredictable
    The signs you want to get to know more or curious about: Gemini’s
    Your most favourite signs to date: Leos and Scorpios
    Your least favourite signs to date: don’t have one, but the worst experience was with another Virgo
    Warm hearted signs: Taurus, Pisces, Leo, Scorpio
    Coldest signs: Can be... Aquas, Virgos, Caps, Aries
    Most down to earth: Scorpios, Cancers, Virgos
    Most Emotional: Pisces, Cancer, Virgo
    Most loyal signs: -
    Most likely to cheat: -
    Signs you always crush on/attracted to: Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, Capricorn, Aqua
    Signs that always crushes on you: Aquas, Scorpios, Taurus, Libras
    Signs that you are least attracted to: -
    Least S.e.xual chemistry with: Cancer
    Would like to marry/or be in a relationship with: Taurus, Cap, Scorpio or Aqua
    Would avoid at all cost in marriage/relationship: -

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