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  • im a aries woman but i always seem to attract virgo men and sag's the most   Read more
  • Hi...I am virgo Male..My Crush is Virgo Female. We are in contact since last one and half year. In the begining she loving and carring to me. Once she told me i will spend my future with you. But after that since last 8-9 months she is completely differen   Read more
  • Hi...I am virgo Male..My Crush is Virgo Female. We are in contact since last one and half year. In the begining she loving and carring to me. Once she told me i will spend my future with you. But after that since last 8-9 months she is completely differen   Read more
  • Hi...I am virgo Male..My Crush is Virgo Female. We are in contact since last one and half year. In the begining she loving and carring to me. Once she told me i will spend my future with you. But after that since last 8-9 months she is completely differen   Read more

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  • SpaceBird
    Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb : 0
    Sun Aquarius 16°56' Ascendant Libra 6°53'
    Moon Leo 4°54' II Scorpio 3°25'
    Mercury Pisces 4°35' III Sagittarius 4°11'
    Venus Capricorn 26°53' R IV Capricorn 8°00'
    Mars Taurus 18°39' V Aquarius 11°31'
    Jupiter Aquarius 22°46' VI Pisces 11°31'
    Saturn Gemini 28°13' R VII Aries 6°53'
    Uranus Libra 27°45' R VIII Taurus 3°25'
    Neptune Sagittarius 9°18' IX Gemini 4°11'
    Pluto Libra 6°37' R Midheaven Cancer 8°00'
    Lilith Capricorn 19°26' XI Leo 11°31'
    Asc node Sagittarius 27°30' XII Virgo 11°31'
  • Sagicorn
    Posted by -sierra-
    Posted by Sagicorn
    As a Sag with Aries Moon I always had hard time keeping money. I spend it too easily and have always been as generous as it gets...for people I care for I can go broke ans not regret it. I'll spend more on someone I love than on myself. But I also love fine things and don't hesitate to spend on something I really love that's a bit precey. If I somehow would ever gain millions I'll probably lose them quite fast I want to help too many people I see struggling in life,mostly with diseases...I'd probably be donating a lot for treatments for people in life danger. I do that now already but if I had some serious money I'd never hesitate to spend on helping anyone I can

    yeah i believe it
    they spend a lot on loved ones but in general, they're total cheapskates..
    they'd live like homeless people but would still provide for loved ones
    luckily, they always seem to come into money somehow.. finding more money
    then they lose the money again.. cycle goes on and on
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    I don't know if that's true for everyone...I mean I can think of some examples like you mentioned but also those that are complete opposite. Loving to spend and not regretting to spend on whatever they like. For example Sag-Aries too that I know ALWAYS complains on how she doesn't have money but then she'll go buy something completely unnecessary and I need to mention that she's the richest of all of us that were hanging out at a time? Then there is another Sag-Cap who also always complains how she lacks money etc...yet on the other side there was few of us others who never complained but had a lot less than they did. Me being the only one as Sag on that side and 2 Gems. Virgo tells me I'm a miracle worker how I even have money at all considering I still get great things and manage myself better than people who earn a lot more lol but truth is I don't think I manage it that good at all and could do a lot better. But I'm never complaining either. This is basically my thought that I don't share with anyone and somehow learned over time to tame that Aries Moon lol one thing I had to laugh about it on cafe.astrology it says money just slips through our hands and specially in young age and it was so true for me lol
  • Posted by PhishFood
    Posted by ASCoppVenus
    Posted by PhishFood
    Posted by ASCoppVenus
    Posted by aquarius09
    I saw the title of the thread and was going to say Aquas. They are hard to capture, but once you get them we are loyal for life. The connection we seek (strictly speaking Aqua venus and mars or aqua dominants) is already hard to find, so once we locate it, rest assured, that we are not letting go of it easily.

    The most we do is chat (virtually mostly, but it happens in-person too) people up to stimulate our minds, but we aren't really serious about acting on it. LOL.

    He has aqua venus. So I am surprised by how warm he is at least with me. Always accommodating my needs. I feel like I havent done enough for him now. Between the two of us, I’m the more demanding and more moody one for sure. And hes just always patient with me. Im bot testing him but there are some things about me that i dont like which he kept telling me he likes because its real. I asked him once why he never asked me to describe myself to him because most guys would do that. Like ask questions. Lots of it. And he said to me that its because if he asks me about me, i will say things based on how I see myself. But he wants to see me the way i am on his own and build his impression of me based on what he has observed about me. I was surprised because when I first met him, i told him I am hard to love. And all he said was that I was just dating the wrong men.

    Where did you find him !! ❤

    I'm so happy for you, S xx

    He found me! smile i wasnt looking that much at all. Just playing around and then there. He was there and he never left. The last one standing.

    Awww cute.

    I better stop chasing him then hahaha xxx
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    Ahhhh yes! Tbh i noticed aquas pursue hard and thats a sign theyre interested. He had competition with me before: a libra, 2 other aquas, an aries, a sag, a leo, a virgo and a taurus. At first i didnt like him much. I was more into the aries then the libra. But it all shifted because they all bored me and he started getting more interesting the longer i got to know him. And he would send me his selfies a lot 😂 sometimes with his dog at his parentd house. And i go all mushy because... dogs. Lol
  • dewiklaessen26
    26 years old female
    Posted by Ariqua
    Can you post your aspects from astrotheme?

    sure i'm the inner he's the outer one

    Mars Conjunction Jupiter Orb 0°33'
    MC Conjunction Neptune Orb 2°23'
    Chiron Conjunction Sun Orb 3°44'
    Node Conjunction Pluto Orb 4°02'
    Venus Conjunction Pluto Orb 5°29'
    Uranus Conjunction Saturn Orb 5°47'
    Mars Conjunction Mercury Orb 5°57'
    MC Conjunction Uranus Orb 6°34'
    Neptune Conjunction Neptune Orb 8°03'
    Jupiter Conjunction AS Orb 8°24'
    Neptune Conjunction Saturn Orb 8°25'
    Sun Conjunction Moon Orb 8°29'
    Mercury Conjunction Moon Orb 10°57
    Saturn Opposite Mercury Orb 0°12'
    Saturn Opposite Jupiter Orb 6°17'
    Moon Opposite Uranus Orb 8°24'
    Lilith Square Jupiter Orb 0°28'
    Jupiter Square Jupiter Orb 1°15'
    Pluto Square Jupiter Orb 1°38'
    Saturn Square AS Orb 3°21'
    Sun Square Sun Orb 4°12'
    Jupiter Square Mercury Orb 5°15'
    AS Square Saturn Orb 5°36'
    Mercury Square Sun Orb 6°41'
    Neptune Trine Sun Orb 0°06'
    Lilith Trine Saturn Orb 0°39'
    AS Trine Mercury Orb 1°05'
    Mercury Trine Jupiter Orb 1°49'
    Uranus Trine Sun Orb 2°32'
    AS Trine Uranus Orb 3°43'
    Sun Trine Jupiter Orb 4°18'
    Sun Trine Venus Orb 5°17'
    AS Trine Jupiter Orb 5°25'
    MC Trine Sun Orb 5°45'
    Node Sextile Neptune Orb 0°09'
    Moon Sextile Jupiter Orb 0°44'
    Venus Sextile Neptune Orb 1°17'
    Jupiter Sextile Saturn Orb 1°26'
    Pluto Sextile Saturn Orb 1°26'
    MC Sextile Pluto Orb 1°47'
    Saturn Sextile Uranus Orb 2°50'
    Venus Sextile Uranus Orb 2°53'
    Neptune Sextile Pluto Orb 3°51'
    Node Sextile Uranus Orb 4°20'
    Mars Inconjunction Saturn Orb 0°44'
    Moon Inconjunction Saturn Orb 0°55'
    Neptune Inconjunction Venus Orb 0°59'
    Pluto SemiSquare Neptune Orb 0°02'
    Uranus SemiSquare AS Orb 0°38'
    Neptune SesquiQuadrate Mercury Orb 0°07'
    MC SesquiQuadrate Jupiter Orb 0°43'
    AS SesquiQuadrate Sun Orb 1°04'
    Moon SesquiQuadrate Pluto Orb 1°47'
    Venus Quintile Jupiter Orb 0°02'
    Uranus BiQuintile Jupiter Orb 0°01'
    MC SemiSextile Moon Orb 1°29'

    Inner Theme

    Positions of Planets
    Sun 22°11' Virgo
    Moon 17°54' Sagittarius
    Mercury 7°12' Virgo
    Venus 21°06' Leo
    Mars 9°14' Libra
    Jupiter 0°42' Virgo
    Saturn 0°30' Aquarius
    Uranus 9°51' Capricorn
    Neptune 14°01' Capricorn
    Pluto 18°13' Scorpio
    Chiron 6°06' Leo
    Ceres 14°16' Scorpio
    Pallas 19°48' Libra
    Juno 15°58' Capricorn
    Vesta 16°44' Leo
    Node 16°35' Capricorn
    Lilith 14°54' Capricorn
    Fortune 6°05' Pisces
    AS 10°21' Sagittarius
    MC 10°00' Libra

    Positions of Houses
    House 1 10°21' Sagittarius
    House 2 17°04' Capricorn
    House 3 2°46' Pisces
    House 4 10°00' Aries
    House 5 5°42' Taurus
    House 6 24°35' Taurus
    House 7 10°21' Gemini
    House 8 17°04' Cancer
    House 9 2°46' Virgo
    House 10 10°00' Libra
    House 11 5°42' Scorpio
    House 12 24°35' Scorpio

    Outer Theme

    Positions of Planets
    Sun 26°23' Sagittarius
    Moon 1°26' Cancer
    Mercury 28°52' Sagittarius
    Venus 12°44' Scorpio
    Mars 1°15' Virgo
    Jupiter 1°57' Sagittarius
    Saturn 7°00' Pisces
    Uranus 24°43' Capricorn
    Neptune 22°05' Capricorn
    Pluto 29°03' Scorpio
    Chiron 25°56' Virgo
    Ceres 20°18' Leo
    Pallas 6°05' Taurus
    Juno 6°15' Sagittarius
    Vesta 4°45' Cancer
    Node 14°11' Scorpio
    Lilith 1°10' Gemini
    Fortune 11°09' Scorpio
    AS 6°07' Taurus
    MC 16°25' Capricorn

    Positions of Houses
    House 1 6°07' Taurus
    House 2 7°29' Gemini
    House 3 27°53' Gemini
    House 4 16°25' Cancer
    House 5 8°00' Leo
    House 6 10°24' Virgo
    House 7 6°07' Scorpio
    House 8 7°29' Sagittarius
    House 9 27°53' Sagittarius
    House 10 16°25' Capricorn
    House 11 8°00' Aquarius
    House 12 10°24' Pisces

  • Posted by Mujer_latina
    Posted by Lalalo
    Posted by Mujer_latina
    Posted by DonnaLibra
    Aries is best matched with Virgo.

    aries is best matched with taurus. we want venus and that's that

    And you speak for everyone when you say this?

    well, they did speak for everyone when they said aries was best matched with virgo

    but you are truly in denial if you think mars × venus can be topped. nothing comes close
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    Yeah, I don’t agree with the virgo statement, either

    In general, I don’t think that aries is best paired with earth signs. And I’m too rough around the edges for venus. Good for friendship, though

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