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  • Librasetting777
    ♎stellium ♈asc. ♉moon ♐stellium.
    Posted by libralotus
    Posted by Librasetting777
    You might run into trouble with your moon signs since there opposites which would be emotional in some way

    Oh really?
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    they can be rude markers and childish but that doesn't mean it wont work. It might help him make decisions sinces hes a libra lol I'm thankful for my aries ascendant.
  • Lioness888
    • 🌞♌ • 🌜♈ • 💝♍ •
    I have Aries moon and aries ascendant. My sun is Leo though. I don't know if i feel different to an ordinary person because i don't know how other people feel. 😕
    I don't feel firey though. I feel kind of balanced even though I'm probably not.
    What's it like having an opposition sun and moon?
  • Librasetting777
    ♎stellium ♈asc. ♉moon ♐stellium.
    Posted by thistletongue
    Apparently my best match would be..

    Sagittarius sun

    Aries moon

    Aries or pisces ascendant

    I'm aries ascendant 😉 lol
  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S
    Posted by dewiklaessen26
    I think she has an Aries ascendant

    aqua stellium with leo moon and aries venus.


    never heard of her to be honest, until i came to this site. lol

    her music sounds pretty good.

    yeah she's like Shakira in Aries rising, Aries venus going on.

    i think too Aries rising.
  • dewiklaessen26
    26 years old female
    I think she has an Aries ascendant