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  • Why am I only attracted to cusp signs? This is a weird coincidence but over the years every girl I’ve dated had a birthday on the 19th. My first love was July 19 a cancer-leo cusp. 2 years later i dated a girl whose birthday was also July 19 cancer- leo cusp again. Then 6 months later I dated a girl whose birthday was June 19 (gemini-cancer cusp with a Pisces moon. Worst relationship ever.) 2 years later I met a girl who I love and reminds me of my first love. Her birthday is October 19th who is still my current gf. She’s a libra-Scorpio cusp and her moon is cancer. This is a very weird coincidence how they’re all cusp, all have some type of cancer in them, all have the same day of birthday. I don’t ask their birthday till a month later in the relationship and when they say the 19th I get freaked out
    My sun is virgo , moon : aries , rising : Sagittarius
  • ValleysofNeptune
    Pisces sun, Virgo moon, Leo ascendant
    25 years old male
    Posted by Cancerleo91
    I love having some cancer traits.. okay big boobies lol but I also love having the fire. It’s nice being in the center and getting a bit of both.

    Are you on the Cancer side of the cusp or the Leo side?

    Anyway I think it's an interesting cusp for some reason. All water/fire cusps seem to have a lot of energy going on inside them or something, I don't really know how to explain it lol. Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp especially
  • EvatheDiva52
    Pisces: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, AND Chiron
    53 years old female
    Posted by Squishy_Marshmallow
    Give me a reason to support your claim.

    Yes. You told me on 06 Dec 17 topic: What Sun Sign to Date

    "LEAST confusing sign to date: Your best pick would be an EARLY Cancer Sun (Gem-Cancer cusper) with their Venus on your IC or a very early Taurus Sun or a Scorpio Sun. "Early" Virgo (provided other planets fall nicely in
    synastry), "Ascendant" in Leo or Saggy (Quote: "I wouldn't pick a fire placement, but a Leo Asc would be a great pic for you"), "Early" Cancer Sun with moon in early Taurus or Scorpio, "Early" Scorpio/late Taurus moon, or Taurus Sun with moon in early Scorpio."

    To me, a cusp sign is "leaving" a sun sign and their "soul" is picking up the next sun signLaughing Making them even MORE impressive. If you have milk and add one tablespoon of Nestle Quick chocolate mix, you have chocolate milk Winking The BEST of both worlds! It's like those who have birthdays on leap year. Their choice to celebrate that day or the next day. Doesn't make them any "different" than the rest of us....they're just "special" in my eyes.

    Hug cyber hugs!


  • Posted by haunt
    I’m curious as to what your sign is, cancer sun leo moon? I dont hear about cancer/Aries couples often.

    I’m a Leo sub July 23, but have cancer tendencies so at the center of the cusp. Rising is Aquarius, moon is Capricorn. Don’t know mars I need to look it up. Venus is Virgo.

    He is Aries sun, Aries moon, Taurus rising, Venus in Pisces, and mars is Scorpio.
  • VenusAquarius
    Venus dominant Aries... how dat happen?!? 44 years young
    Posted by rejuvenatedheart
    I've been wondering about this for a while... Over time, the astro placements (natal or synastry) that I've attracted have changed over time (and I'm sure this goes for everyone). I used to attract Cap energy, Cancer Suns, Leo Suns, Virgo Suns... Recently it's changed to Gemini Suns and early Cancer Suns and I'm confused about that. These guys' Suns mostly fall in my 12th House and from what I've read about the 12th House in synastry overlays and in general, the connection is another classically unhealthy one... I always attract guys that I have unhealthy and "dangerous" connections with and I really wonder why. I'm also wondering why I've started to attracted these guys. Which chart should I look at for answers?

    Sounds like you need to look at your progressed chart when you met them.

    No matter what, I have 90% attracted Mars in Taurus... sensual hedonistic men; men who love pleasure of various kinds... Cancer (the 6th & cusp of 7th), Leo (7th), Virgo (8th). My husband's son false on the very cusp of my 7th & 8th houses.

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