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  • Posted by haunt
    I’m curious as to what your sign is, cancer sun leo moon? I dont hear about cancer/Aries couples often.

    I’m a Leo sub July 23, but have cancer tendencies so at the center of the cusp. Rising is Aquarius, moon is Capricorn. Don’t know mars I need to look it up. Venus is Virgo.

    He is Aries sun, Aries moon, Taurus rising, Venus in Pisces, and mars is Scorpio.
  • ValleysofNeptune
    Pisces sun, Virgo moon, Leo ascendant
    25 years old male
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    I'm a Cancer Mars and I agree with a fair amount of it, but not all of it. I have Venus in Aries too so I think that makes me a bit more impulsive and purely lustful than a typical Cancer Mars, or a Cancer Mars mixed with a water Venus. But I can see both my Cancer Mars and Aries Venus come into play

    For example, I do form emotional bonds with women I've slept with and somewhat feel connected to them after, but I don't get hung up on them or cling to them. I can move on from them easily which is probably due in part to my Aries Venus that's always on the go

    I do like making my partner feel comfortable and loved and cared for, even in casual flings. And I do like when they show they care too. I view sex as more than just a physical act that feels good and I guess I do somewhat view sex itself as emotionally nurturing. And I like when my partner views it as more than an opportunity to get off too and show they care to some degree. Another thing it said in there that I relate to is that if they don't seem to be really into it or passionate, then I get somewhat turned off. If they're just going through the motions it's boring and there's no fireworks. None of this is to say that all I do is softly caress them and want to cuddle lol. I enjoy being dominant and forceful too, but I like all the ooey gooey aspects of making love too and like to mix those in

    One thing I don't relate to though is crying during sex lol. I've never even been close. Why would you cry during sex, sex is fun and amazing. Maybe if I met the girl of my dreams who's absolutely perfect for me I'd come close....but nah, I don't see it

    okay wow your placements are like a mirror of mine
    i am virgo sun-pisces moon-cancer venus-libra mars

    what's your rising? click to expand

    What's yours? click to expand

    virgo click to expand

    Cool. So I guess you're pretty Virgo-y then huh? Being a Virgo Sun and ascendant and all. My ascendant was very close to being Virgo, right on the edge of Leo click to expand

    yep and just a few days, i could've been a leo sun click to expand

    So are you a Virgo/Leo cusper lol. What are your thoughts on cusps in astrology click to expand

    not exactly but cusps seem more like a mixture right?
    i don't personally know any cuspers click to expand
    click to expand

    Yea. Supposedly you have the strongest influence of whatever sign the sun or planet is in (which obviously makes sense) but the closer you are to the other sign the stronger influence that sign will have on you. People have different interpretations of the points where you really start to feel those effects. Any where from a day or two to like 5 days

    I have a Capricorn brother who's born on the first day of Capricorn so right on the Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp. I guess I can see it, Idk. I've met others born on cusps and talked to someone here who was an Aquarius born on the Aquarius/Pisces cusp and she said she felt the Pisces influence. So yeah I think it has some effect but Idk how much
  • Posted by fishcrabscale2
    Posted by SuninLibra
    Posted by greengemini_
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    Posted by SuninLibra
    I find Geminis to be very loyal once committed, I know they r big flirts but so are other male signs #air_signs

    Yeah. I know a few that are happily married. One of my friends that's married to a cap comments on girls looks and things like that. Is that considered cheating?

    I think the same thing that'll cause anyone to cheat will make a Gemini cheat. Boredom, not satisfied etc click to expand

    I don't know if that is considered cheating or not, I had a Gemini bf who used to do that and I asked him not to when I'm around and he stopped. click to expand

    It's harmless really. He loves that girl! I actually think it's healthy. Better than letting it build up and manifesting in unhealthy ways. click to expand

    As long as she is not bothered by it, I don't find this act as serious as it seems most men do that, but I don't want any woman to have that satisfaction of being checked out by my man and over my own presence if u know what I mean, that what really bothers me the most. click to expand
    oh yeah, checking out another woman in front of your main chick is disrespectful. What are your other placements? click to expand

    Not much of an expert when it comes to other placements ummm I have Venus and Mars in Libra a lot of placements in Libra Sagi and Gemini click to expand

    Nice. I have Venus in Aries and Libra mars as well.

    Do you have Virgo placements anywhere in your chart? click to expand

    I got Virgo in the 5th house I don't even know what that means click to expand

    Do you have any planets in that sign tho? click to expand

    No planets tho ( as far as I know), I need someone to read my chart cuz I'm really bad at it click to expand

    No planets might be an undiluted flavor of that house? I have an empty 5th house in Cancer (in the chart half of it is Leo).. but it is mostly true that im for the most part content, find my happiness in family-related stuff (friends become kinda family too) and dont need much excitement. click to expand
    click to expand

    The Fifth House in Libra
    When the fifth house is set in the sign of Libra, we see a strong signal that happiness is reached through other people. This is somewhat challenging for independence needs to be nurtured in order for any personality to reach healthy development, but it is also necessary to manifest oneself through other people and pay attention to everyone that make one happy along the way. This is not the easiest of positions, but it does speak of one’s ability to recognize true, creative love, and give it a serious glow, turning it into long-term romance and marriage for all the right reasons. In here, the love we find for ourselves is what truly inspires us, and it is imperative that a person stays in a good relationship with their own inner Self in order for all of outer relationships to blossom.

    The Fifth House in Scorpio
    The fifth house set in the sign of Scorpio speaks of the love for deep emotional challenges. To understand someone who carries this position in their natal chart, we have to understand the necessity of change, pain, addiction, fear, and ultimately death. While the sign of Scorpio speaks of some pretty dark issues, it is also incredibly sensitive, emotional, deep and mystical, almost always speaking of talents that are supposed to be used, and strong past life experiences that have to be resolved. This is someone who loves their ancestors, even those that weren’t loved by the rest of the family. As a strong magnetic pull, the fifth house in Scorpio will ask to be manifested in strangest of ways, but on an everyday level mostly through constructive change. This is someone who cannot settle or be happy with little things in life. Grandiose and strangely addicted to the idea of happiness, they will often be unhappy simply because of their inability to instantly reach absolute peace.

    The Fifth House in Sagittarius
    When the fifth house is set in Sagittarius, we see that a person has a great love for philosophy, travel, teaching, and education. In most cases, this is a good sign that will allow one to develop and stay open for wide teachings and all sorts of perspectives changed on their path to happiness. Childish and enthusiastic, there is hardly anything that can hold these individuals back once they find their true calling and realize what their main direction in life should be. Love and creativity are a blessing here, and this is someone who understands this part of life genuinely and deeply, while often expecting miracles from their loved ones. They need to keep their feet on the ground so they can manage to find connection to planet Earth, bring their philosophy to life, and truly follow their mission and their hearts.

    The Fifth House in Capricorn
    When the fifth house is in the sign of Capricorn, the difficulties of fear, panic, spasm, and an obvious lack of rest, seem to reside here. It is never easy to have the fifth house here, as it drains a lot of energy from an individual and speaks of the inability to enjoy, have fun, and share carefree and light activities with other people. These individuals are strict towards themselves and others, especially their children, and plan too much while forgetting that spontaneity is the key to true happiness. Great joy can be found in archaeological, spiritual, or historical issues, and their life path should definitely be evolving around matters of time, serious commitments and responsibility. The best cure for any chronic condition they develop in life lies in rest, meditation, and the building of a strong connection with God, however they might recognize God in this lifetime.

    The Fifth House in Aquarius
    The fifth house cusp in Aquarius speaks of strange priorities and people who dare to dream big. Aquarius is a sign of innovations, higher communications, and the network we are all unconsciously wired to, so this is often a signal that someone has a strong impulse to create something extraordinary, different, new, and incredible, if they only find a way to express their true inner personality. Love has to be real in order to last, or it will just be a series of failures, casual flings, and relationships that burst into flames as soon as some time goes by. With so much change, it is not easy to hold on to clear priorities, but friends will help greatly and the love for the divine will definitely pull the person out of any trouble ahead. This is a position for gamblers, good and bad, depending on planetary positions, and speaks of the ability to test luck with bravery and a “silly” but obviously productive attitude that everything will be alright in the end.

    The Fifth House in Pisces
    With the fifth house beginning in Pisces, a person definitely has a talent that needs to be discovered and used. Whatever they find love for will become their source of inspiration, and even though the sign of Pisces is mutable and not very stable as such, this is always a pointer to great love, one we’ve
  • My 8th begins at 29°41' Pisces and my sun and mercury are basically on the cusp of it.

    I'm usually drawn to Pisces placements but wouldn't say I attract them predominantly. Then again... I feel like having Pisces / Leo / Cancer / Sagittarius / Capricorn / Aquarius are all ranked over 10% in Pullen is of influence to generally having a more diversified outlook on dating.

    My 7th is also in Pisces.
  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S
    there's also Scorpio woman with Cancer moon/Leo mars,
    married to an Aquarius man, Pisces moon. (my husband's cousin)

    Capricorn male/Scorpio woman (on the cusp) but didnt last but they were together a long time, although toxic
    2 x Cancer/Cancer (this is pluto leo & pluto cancer generation)

    Gemini/Virgo, (father in law with his wife)

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