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  • Posted by OneKnight
    Posted by Haruuka
    Posted by OneKnight
    If you are right on the Cusp, do you have 2 opposite signs? I feel Sag is my opposite. I become a Gemini next to her.

    Oh god

    Where is your sun exactly my friend?

    Exactly at 0. I'm a none believer, so don't call'm.
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    Wah I never saw 0 sun thing

    We can call you a “cusp” between cancer and gemini
  • He is a moon & mars in pisces
    Sun & Mercury in Cancer
    Venus in gemini
    jupiter in Taurus

    I am Cancer- Moon,venus mars
    Gemini- Sun Mercury Jupiter(on the cusp)
  • Girl! The SAME thing has happened to me.... literally. But mines a Cancer/Leo cusp w/ Gemini Venus. He won’t have sex with me but we’ve been seeing each other for 4 months.
    Thinngs with my guy have been wishy washy though, he sends me so many mixed signals and I even didn’t talk to him for 2 1/2 weeks because I’m a sensitive cancer and couldn’t help the “unknown”. I know he likes me though so that’s the problem.
    If you get any answers. Please let me know! Lol.
  • LadyNeptune
    Posted by nano
    Posted by LadyNeptune
    Gemini's are also pretty moody, introverted, and emotional. Aquas are the only true air sign I feel.

    Come on in guys, the waters nice.

    Hey you are dating a gem that's right on the cancer cusp! I see cancer description in there Tongue
    Although I can identify with moody and introverted. Emotional is ehhh sorta a rare-ish occurrence. And the absolute worst!
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    Your cap dominant like me. I agree, emotional is the worst!

    Yeah he's more water dominant than me. + fire dominant. Literally on the cusp, like I thought I was dating a cancer for the longest time until I got his tob. And then it was like, gasp! a gemini!! oh well, too late to back out now lol

  • Me:Cusp of Leo/Virgo-August 24th
    Aquarius moon
    Leo mercury
    Leo Venus
    Virgo mars

    Him:Cancer/Leo Cusp- July 22nd
    Capricorn moon
    Cancer Mercury
    Virgo Venus
    Gemini Mars

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