Libra-Scorpio Cusp

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    Posted by Aquaman4848
    Lol am aqua ....and I don't like aquas of same gender in my day to day life 😂😂
    Can't stand with them...we just keep staring at each others....conflict are like- we r aqua,we r different than others but am the best here...
    So u need to stay down or trtrk off 😂
    Because the tricks from both side, really pisses us off...

    Yeah? Aqua and Aqua can never get along that much. I think.

    Eh? Haha

    My brother (aqua) is married to an aqua. They bicker all the time! Lol but they’ve been together 26 years.

    I know! It's funny watching them arguing for stupid reasons. Like wtf guys. Haha!

    We will be seeing them Thursday and spending the night. Can’t wait for the entertainment 😂😂😂

    It’s not even bantering like Libra & I do.. it’s bickering! Telling each other what to do. Omfg!

    I know! I have Aquas around me and when they start to bicker, I have no idea should I laugh or stop them because they can be noisy but entertaining AF.

    But having a marriage like that is actually fun. Me and the current Aqua, we kinda control one another. It's air signs thingy. Just wanting to give you some heads up what's it like to be with an air sign.

    Good luck Sag! 🤣🤣

    Lol I hold my own! Apparently somethings working I am going to Southern California for a long weekend leaving Thursday & he asked to see me before I leave so tonight a mini hike & dinner at his house 😍


    I feel way more comfortable smarting off lol 😂 more like with the Leo. So nice I found someone else I can be like that with the Cap was such a kitty 🙄 Libra says it makes it more fun ❤️

    That Cap sounds like the Sag (Virgo moon). I don't think I can do either Virgo sun or moon for men. They aren't loyal and have a IDGAF personality. Too much of that makes it easier to get over men like them. I think. 😝

    That Virgo Moon sucks!! Well my first love was a Virgo sun but Scorpio moon & Cancer mars like the Libra. He was an amazing boyfriend and we were sooooooo in love lol

    Yeah, Virgo moon for a man maybe sucks. No idea what to say or prolly for Sag, it's mutable sun and moon. I think it's best to have one fixed and one mutable. It balances out everything. you and me.
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    Lol well of course 😂😂. Libra is Virgo-Libra cusp hmm lol

    Anyway my daughter is Virgo Moon too & she has quite the anxiety & depression issues. But maybe her Scorpio sun helps her. She’s gone through a lot of butter & really has to fight through it. But she does with help of Sag sun Mom smile That’s the difference Cap wouldn’t fight through it.
  • Arkansassy
    Provider of Facts and Logic
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    I think cusps make a whole lot more sense than decans. *shrugs*

    What do you think? And what degrees do you think count as cuspy?

    I believe in cusps. My Taurus ex is a cusper. My brother is one. My friends daughter is one, so I can tell how it affects them.
    And those who are saying it is the influence of some other planet, you all need to learn about each planets influence then.

    When it comes to degrees, I'm iffy tbh.
    In astrology, it comes down to how open/in depth we are to feel or act out a planets influence. I would stick to two degrees on either side for a clear cusper tho.

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    If a sun in Libra (cusper) has planets in Scorpio that end up making them Pluto dominant.. Do you say their Scorpio behavior is due to being a cusp? Or because they are Scorpio dom?
  • Arielle83
    Good c.u.n.t.
    Easy going, sarcastic, quiet and cheeky. Tells me a lot about his family, his kids. How him and his wife met. What they have for dinner etc. He teases me a lot, not sexist, more open minded and empathetic than most. From the country. Hard ass

    Weirdo conspiracy theory, trump loving, neckbeard. Doesn’t talk much, but expects you to talk to him first. Lazy, jaded and arrogant. Goes on speed dates and tells the chicks he’s a supervisor.

    Shy and quiet at first, but I soon had him cracking up. Fires up when pushed, but overall very quiet. Kinda goofy and let’s the truth out when he drinks. Takes the piss out of ppl. Hard worker.

    Very quiet and shy until I had to partner up with him and he started singing in the car. Young and confident. Thinks older women want him, but his fuvk boy haircut makes me think he’s a butter lay. Mommy’s boy and worships his jealous gf. Hard worker.

    Old and set in his ways. Sexist, racist and homophobic. Hates our lesbian boss, thinks women don’t belong at our work. Doesn’t stop talking about his opinions or his life. Shows off his money but lives in a granny flat out the back of his investment property. Works hard and then sits on his phone after lunch or talking and gossiping to everyone. Thinks ppl need to bend for him. Goes to Bali to treetrunk hookers, but claims they aren’t hookers, that they actually want him. Never got over his wife leaving him 20 yrs ago. Controlling.

    Big teddy bear kinda guy. But if a redneck/bogan. Loves his wife but pervs on insta skanks on fb. Very homophobic. Has depression issues. Very protective of his daughter. Loves to drink. Easy going. Will call u a piece of butter to ur face

    Cancer/Leo cusp
    Dramatic gossiping Muay Thai coach. Likes to get away with doing as little work as possible. Doesn’t give a treetrunk attitude. Smokes a lot of pot. Big butter stirrer. Pervs a lot. Crushes easy on younger women. Been with same chick since he was 20

    Condescending and a know it all. Pretends to be hard at work to the right ppl. Suck up. Fake. Talks to me like I’m a little girl even tho I’m only 5 yrs younger than him. Not a hard worker. Competitive in sport.

    Conniving creepy weirdo. Clearly lives through learned helplessness. Has had 5 work claims in last 4 yrs. takes sick days all the time. Sucks up to boss. Has been married 3 times. Thinks he’s a ladies man but he’s clearly a user. Claims he has vertigo, anxiety, depression, insomnia, back problems, hernia, etc. Laziest person ever. Fakes his claims to get sick days. Broke

    I like the Pisces, Aries and Scorpio.
  • BoomShakalakaBoom
    "Archaeologist "
    male from The Netherlands, Europe
    Her: Libra sun (Scorpio cusp) with moon in Virgo
    Me: Virgo sun with moon in Virgo.
  • aPiscesPrincess2
    I'm back ;D
    Posted by Weeds

    Hahaha! Big Grin D=

    I've been with only a couple guys. Both were probably in the average range (around 6 inches I guess). My new bf (we haven't had actual sex yet) is 8" and thick, so I'm kind of scared too lol. He's a libra on the Virgo cusp (and Scorpio moon). Is it really something about Virgo guys?

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