cancer and leo

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    Hi Guys, What do you think is a good match for Taurus, Leo (Sun, Moon) & Gemini, Cancer (Venus, Mars) man? Currently I am with a Capricorn, Leo (Sun, Moon) & Capricorn, Taurus (Venus, Mars) girl. She is wonderful but very, very Dominant.
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  • sierra_
    virgo sun pisces moon virgo rising virgo mercury cancer venus libra mars
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    Even solely based on sun signs, Libra makes the best partner (among air signs) for Sags. Aqua comes 2nd and Geminis seems to be the worst. Geminis are only good for friendship wise with Sags, relationship's gonna be horrible.

    That's just my take. So yes, I do believe in the Libra-Sag connection.

    sag-gems seem to get together a lot but also probably the most likely to break up with each other too click to expand

    Yep. It began like fairy tales then ends up with nightmares.

    Best for friendship tho'. click to expand

    they're opposites but aren't they both cerebral?

    they're both very sociable, hates routine, easily bored so not really sure why it doesn't work... click to expand

    Beats me. 🤷‍♀️

    I guess it starts to go haywire when both tries to control one another. From fun loving free-spirits, both turns out to be argumentative and insecure.

    At least, that was what happened in my relationbutter with them. LooL! click to expand

    jealous types? click to expand

    Yeah. And if you think Sags aren't the one that will feel jelly, ha ha ha. They do. 🤣🤣 click to expand
    click to expand

    i have a triple gem cousin (sun-moon-mercury) with leo venus-leo mars and cancer rising who was with a sag and she admitted it was the most stable of her relationships and also the most 'equal' but they broke up coz she said he got lazy or something like that.. like he just wanted her to work and he just wanted to laze around.. she can't put up with it anymore but we all thought they were gonna get married coz it seemed like her best relationship
  • SpaceBird
    25 years old female
    Here is his chart
    born june 16 1960
    odiac : Tropical
    Sun Gemini 25°36'
    Moon Aries 2°52'
    Mercury Cancer 20°16'
    Venus Gemini 23°59'
    Mars Aries 27°23'
    Jupiter Sagittarius 29°10' R
    Saturn Capricorn 16°35' R
    Uranus Leo 18°09'
    Neptune Scorpio 6°37' R
    Pluto Virgo 3°51'
    Lilith Cancer 4°23'
    Asc node Virgo 19°34'
  • AerialView
    12 inches of rice💨
    male from Arlong Park
    According to dxpnet

    Aries: Confused
    Taurus: Heartbroken
    Gemini: Baffled
    Cancer: Sensitive
    Leo: Frustrated
    Virgo: Hurt
    Libra: Unbalanced
    Scorpio: Obsessed
    Sagittarius: Conflicted
    Capricorn: Curious
    Aquarius: Detached
    Pisces: Ignored
  • Aries: Chaotic cheater
    Taurus: Lawful cheater
    Gemini: True cheater
    Cancer: Neutral cheater
    Leo: Lawful cheater
    Virgo: True cheater
    Libra: Lawful cheater
    Scorpio: Chaotic evil
    Sagittarius: True cheater
    Capricorn: Lawful loyal
    Aquarius: Chaotic cheater
    Pisces: Chaotic loyal
  • Aries: innovative, exhausting

    Taurus: steady, sweet, worry-warts lol

    Gem: I'm impressed by their intelligence.

    Cancer: They get me. I don't get them though. Lol
    Super duper sensitive

    Leo: so stylish, and I like how well they handle pressure, hilarious

    Virgo: wacky sense of humor, sweet and childlike, a bit mechanical

    Libra: sneaky 😂

    Scorpio: I feel like they have what I lack. We always connect on food. Lol

    Sagittarius: bold

    Capricorn: They're some of my favorite people. They're funny, hard working, strong, reliable and loyal. I used to think they were not very affectionate. But, whenever I've gone through the most crap in my life, a Capricorn has always popped up and stood by my side. They love in their own way. Not a romantic way though from my experience.

    Aquarius: I always dislike their wild ideas at first. Then, I love those same wild ideas after a while. 😂

    Pisces: so freaking loving and lovable