cancer and libra

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  • Legend
    Cancer Sun • Aries Moon • Capricorn Rising
    30 years old male
    Libra will crush your heart!
  • BlueSabbath
    Just a simple guy
    from USA
    Beware of Libras   Read more
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    I recently run into a theory that states 1. Cancer is the earthy Water 2. Taurus is the watery Earth 3. Virgo is the airy Earth 4. Gemini is the earthy Air 5. Libra is the watery Air 6. Pisces is the airy Water 7. Scorpio is the fiery Water 8.
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  • aquarius09
    Sun: Aqua Moon: Aqua Mercury: Aqua Venus: Aqua Mars: Sagittarius
    Posted by sierra_
    Posted by Senorita_LLP2
    Posted by sierra_
    Posted by Senorita_LLP2
    Posted by sierra_
    Posted by Senorita_LLP2
    Even solely based on sun signs, Libra makes the best partner (among air signs) for Sags. Aqua comes 2nd and Geminis seems to be the worst. Geminis are only good for friendship wise with Sags, relationship's gonna be horrible.

    That's just my take. So yes, I do believe in the Libra-Sag connection.

    sag-gems seem to get together a lot but also probably the most likely to break up with each other too click to expand

    Yep. It began like fairy tales then ends up with nightmares.

    Best for friendship tho'. click to expand

    they're opposites but aren't they both cerebral?

    they're both very sociable, hates routine, easily bored so not really sure why it doesn't work... click to expand

    Beats me. 🤷‍♀️

    I guess it starts to go haywire when both tries to control one another. From fun loving free-spirits, both turns out to be argumentative and insecure.

    At least, that was what happened in my relationbutter with them. LooL! click to expand

    jealous types? click to expand
    click to expand

    Nobody beats Piscean jealousy. Ridiculous and pointless jealousy. Jealous signs that I’ve observed IMO are: Pisces, Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Sag, Libra and Virgo dominants.
  • This is the equivalent to Virgo & cancer. It looks good on paper, but many miss the smallest details it takes to sustain the relationship. I think short term it’s perfect. . Long term there is a disconnect when it comes to passion, spunk, and individuality.
    Fire are feelers who get a sense of freedom from risk. Libra are more conservative & cautious when it comes to interaction decision making. Sag gets inspired by others who are inspiring,
  • AfternoonDelights22
    We on Neptune probably smoking weed

    1. Gentle Scorp in Ur-anus: (1GP) 1-0-0 (2 pts) [1.000] GF:2/GA:1/gd: +1 *1 Win
    1. Scorpio Rising Stingers: (1GP) 1-0-0 (2 pts) [1.000] GF:2/GA:1/gd: +1 *1 Win
    1. Gemini Mars Mischief Makers: (1GP) 1-0-0 (2 pts) [1.000] GF:2/GA:1/gd: +1 *1 Win
    1. Scorpio Venus Obsession: (1GP) 1-0-0 (2 pts) [1.000] GF:2/GA:1/gd: +1 *1 Win
    1. Libra Sun Vice: (1GP) 1-0-0 (2 pts) [1.000] GF:2/GA:1/gd: +1 *1 Win
    6. Taurus Taco Mars: (1GP) 0-1-0 (0 pts) [.000] GF:1/GA:2/gd: -1
    6. Aquarius Rising Creed: (1GP) 0-1-0 (0 pts) [.000] GF:1/GA:2/gd: -1
    6. Cancer Sun Crime: (1GP) 0-1-0 (0 pts) [.000] GF:1/GA:2/gd: -1
    6. Scorpio Mars Retribution: (1GP) 0-1-0 (0 pts) [.000] GF:1/GA:2/gd: -1
    6. Aqua Mars Logic: (1GP) 0-1-0 (0 pts) [.000] GF:1/GA:2/gd: -1

    Gemini Mercury Deception
    Aries Moon Fire
    Libra Mars Snowballs
  • AfternoonDelights22
    We on Neptune probably smoking weed
    Away teams may have to grind out some wins in this format
    Cancer Suns was the only one with a chance yesterday so far
    Libra suns do have a good shot tonight tho
  • AerialView
    12 inches of rice💨
    male from Arlong Park
    According to dxpnet

    Aries: Confused
    Taurus: Heartbroken
    Gemini: Baffled
    Cancer: Sensitive
    Leo: Frustrated
    Virgo: Hurt
    Libra: Unbalanced
    Scorpio: Obsessed
    Sagittarius: Conflicted
    Capricorn: Curious
    Aquarius: Detached
    Pisces: Ignored
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