cancer and pisces

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    Yeah I know it’s usually earth and water but let’s be honest here: First of all Taurus (m) who is supposed to be our best match is statistically more compatible with cancer (f) so das tuff. Scorpio (m) statistically is better with Pisces (f). If you date
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    Hi Guys, I really think I met the love of my life last month but she's been pretty distant. I'm a sag with cancer moon, she's a pisces with cancer moon, our birth charts came out great together. I think I might have scared her away though. I'm a writer an
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    Choose one opposite sign from each category that you would prefer to date over the other. Aries or Libra? Taurus or Scorpio? Gemini or Sagittarius? Cancer or Capricorn? Leo or Aquarius? Virgo or Pisces?
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    Sun - Leo Moon - cancer Mercury - Gemini or Virgo Venus - Taurus or Libra Mars - Aries Jupiter -Sagittarius Uranus - Aquarius Pluto - Scorpio Neptune - Pisces Saturn - Capricorn Ascendant - Libra (home to the ascendants) Ok now I know this subject
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    Just seeing if that is a common thing since I have a moon in sagittarius. I've always been very attracted to cancer moon ladies with pisces mooners right behind them. Despite the opposite moon sign issue I get along really with them. The only incompati

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  • Thank you!!

    Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb : 0
    Sun Capricorn 25°29' Ascendant Aquarius 12°20'
    Moon Pisces 11°38' II Pisces 6°59'
    Mercury Aquarius 3°06' III Aries 5°40'
    Venus Capricorn 25°11' IV Taurus 7°57'
    Mars Capricorn 20°28' V Gemini 11°12'
    Jupiter Scorpio 11°49' VI Cancer 12°53'
    Saturn Aquarius 28°31' VII Leo 12°20'
    Uranus Capricorn 22°28' VIII Virgo 6°59'
    Neptune Capricorn 21°02' IX Libra 5°40'
    Pluto Scorpio 27°31' Midheaven Scorpio 7°57'
    Lilith Aries 20°52' XI Sagittarius 11°12'
    Asc node Sagittarius 1°44' XII Capricorn 12°53'
  • LostinmyMind11
    😐 Sun -Virgo, Moon -Leo, Ascendant -Scorpio
    34 years old female
    Posted by Jade_Alexander
    Posted by LostinmyMind11
    Only type of relationship I dig.

    Obsessive, magnetic, can't live with/without, jealousy, possessiveness etc.
    I have had the square, trine, sextile, opp to Venus, sun, moon, ascendant, mars etc.

    I've been Pluto and the personal planets.

    Def did a number on the relationships...from both parties....but I feel I was the more level headed person except for the last pairing (wasn't an official didn't get off the ground)....I literally wanted to merge his soul with mine, I knew he liked me, the attraction was def there but no idea if he felt the same...he seemed more indifferent but then he'd show a little bit of something.. Idk if Pluto or personal planet. (both have Pluto aspects natally, me scorp rising, and he has a Hades Aqua moon and also his sun conjuncts my moon). 🙄🙄🙄. Disappointed and aggravated with that ordeal lol.

    Is the obsessiveness mutual?

    I’m totally obsessive... I have literally asked my therapist WTF is wrong with me. Because from day 1 it was INTENSE...

    I never asked him if he was mutually obsessive... cause that’s not an easy conversation
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    It def was with the first two relationships. My obsession happened later though. But the Pisces found where I lived after we broke up one time and climbed my balcony, broke in and jumped in my bed (I was in it at the time). Scared me to death...not him...just his actions lol. We were together 10 yrs.

    Second one...cancer, I remember when I was at a friend's house and we were on the phone talking, got off the phone and about an hour later caught him driving by lol. We've known each other for like 16 yrs....though right now we aren't talking.

    I never really knew about Pluto aspects etc back then I just kinda thought it was all pretty normal when crazy about someone lol.

    3rd...I could def feel and see that I would get very wrapped up in him. I think he would have drove me crazy...I've never felt that way about someone in a short amount of time. I don't like it lol

    Naw ...ask him. I ask the most ridiculous questions and it never phased any of them 😂
  • Your sun sign: Virgo
    The signs you are mainly good friends/BFF with: Scorpios and Aquas
    The signs you least get along with: -
    The signs you wouldn't want to mess with: Gemini’s because they’re unpredictable
    The signs you want to get to know more or curious about: Gemini’s
    Your most favourite signs to date: Leos and Scorpios
    Your least favourite signs to date: don’t have one, but the worst experience was with another Virgo
    Warm hearted signs: Taurus, Pisces, Leo, Scorpio
    Coldest signs: Can be... Aquas, Virgos, Caps, Aries
    Most down to earth: Scorpios, Cancers, Virgos
    Most Emotional: Pisces, Cancer, Virgo
    Most loyal signs: -
    Most likely to cheat: -
    Signs you always crush on/attracted to: Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, Capricorn, Aqua
    Signs that always crushes on you: Aquas, Scorpios, Taurus, Libras
    Signs that you are least attracted to: -
    Least S.e.xual chemistry with: Cancer
    Would like to marry/or be in a relationship with: Taurus, Cap, Scorpio or Aqua
    Would avoid at all cost in marriage/relationship: -
  • Oak
    Your sun sign: Scorpio
    The signs you are mainly good friends/BFF with: Well, these are my best friends signs but i don't always get on with people from their signs generally - Libra, Virgo and Taurus
    The signs you least get along with: Aries, Aquarius(females)
    The signs you wouldn't want to mess with: not too sure
    The signs you want to get to know more or curious about: Leo
    Your most favourite signs to date: Virgo
    Your least favourite signs to date: from experience - Pisces so far, but that was short.
    Warm hearted signs: Leo, Sag, Virgo
    Coldest signs: Aquarius
    Most down to earth: Virgo
    Most Emotional: Virgo
    Most loyal signs: Taurus (at least in friendship Imo)
    Most likely to cheat: Libra
    Signs you always crush on/attracted to: Pisces, Gemini energy, Scorpio, Cancer
    Signs that always crushes on you: Pisces, Capricorn, Scorpio
    Signs that you are least attracted to: Aries
    Least S.e.xual chemistry with: Not too sure, but I haven't found aquas sexually appealing. Their energy reminds me too much of my brother.
    Would like to marry/or be in a relationship with: Virgo
    Would avoid at all cost in marriage/relationship: Not sure
  • Shes:

    Sun sagitarius
    Moon: leo
    Asc sagitarius
    Mercury scorpio
    Venus scorpio
    Mars capricorn
    Jupiter libra
    Saturn libra
    Uranus scorpio
    Neptune sagitarius
    Pulto libra

    Her Key houses: sag sun in 12 house

    Me: sun and asc leo
    Moon cancer
    Mercury cancer
    Venus virgo
    Mars capricorn
    Jupiter pisces
    Saturn sagitarius
    Uranus sagitarius
    Neptune capricorn
    Pluto scorpio

    My key houses: sun in first house and mercury and moon in 12 house

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