Cancer First Decan: Astrology Meaning

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  • TheWeirdOne
    Passionate Earth Moon conjunct Mars.
    I get on with first decan Cancer but not 2nd unless female. Gender changes a signs interpretation.
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    Posted by Squishy_Marshmallow
    Posted by rejuvenatedheart
    Posted by Squishy_Marshmallow
    Non Libras.

    Mostly Taurus something esp Taurus Venus or Mars. They are the ones who are extremely loyal to me and Taurus suns too.

    Idk why but Sag Mars.

    12th houses seem to gravitate towards me.
    Pluto doms :/

    The most frequent overlays I've been noticing with the guys I've been attracting are 12th House Sun overlays and anything 12th House scares me... click to expand

    How does your chart look like?
    Same! 12th housers and Pluto dom are the guys I seem to like or feel attracted to.
    But I would say I do attract a few here and there other than Libras. I don't remember a single Libra guy chasing me.
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    Also, Sag Mars maybe because opposition to your Gem Sun? I think I've read some stuff about Sun-Mars hard aspects in synastry being hot... click to expand


    It wasn't hot in a sexual way... Maybe at the beginning but it turned very abusive later on and I wasn't smart enough to handle it well. I thought agreeing to their terms/killing my ego would make it work. But it didn't.

    I kinda prefer something gentler on my sun. My sun is hit by Pluto, Venus and Neptune/uranus, Saturn and Mars. Anything masculine hitting it would kill it and kill my fire... Actually I was trapped in that relationship. Everything I wanted to be got killed.
    Wow Astro is real.

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    Oh yeah, that's what it was - abuse (for the Sun-Mars hard synastry aspects). I don't really know what would work well for my Sun. I've gotten involved with Aquas (especially recently), Arians, Geminis, Cancers, Leos, Virgos, one Scorp, one Sag, some Caps... So almost everyone haha. The Cancer men I've had romantic stuff with were too connected to me; bond was too strong and I don't have the energy for that kind of intensity for now. Their Suns were conjunct my Moon and Ascendant which is why. I'm seeing a first decan Cancer now though, and the connection is strong but not overwhelming. I'm just scared as treetrunk because his Sun is in my 12th House and 12th House stuff really scares me.
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    Posted by Senorita_LLP2
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    Posted by Senorita_LLP2
    Posted by rejuvenatedheart
    Posted by Senorita_LLP2
    Fire and air. I wonder when will I ever get the earth signs to be obsessed with me.

    I guess it won't happen. πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

    Maybe I should tell 'em, I'm a Taurus. Do you think that will works?

    Lmao omg girl, you and your Earth boys! πŸ˜‚ You still into a Virgo? Or Cap or whatever Earth sign we were talking about before I left...? click to expandclick to expand

    LooooL! Consistency eh??? Hahahaa

    I'm still hoping for one but I don't think Virgo loves me. Maybe I'm gonna find Cap or Taurus? Eh?

    Haha! I can still remember our πŸ‘€! 🀣🀣

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    Lolol omg I know. πŸ˜‚ Literally every time we talked about an Earth Sun dude we'd do the whole πŸ‘€ thing... I haven't attracted any of those lately though! It's really weird. I've been attracting Gemini men. πŸ€” And Cancer men... But early Cancers, not late ones. click to expandclick to expand

    Gemini and Cancer? Woahoahhhh LooooL!

    Are you attracted to them OR not? I like them as friends, especially Cancer. They can be pretty hilarious! But definitely not for rs wise. I can't even understand how June Gemini men operates. They are more moody and grumpy than me. Too quiet for my likings. I'm noisy as you can see me on dxp, I am worst irl. LoooooL! I blame it on my Leo and Aries bits.

    I think you can do them tho'. I can feel that you're sweet and really feminine. I'm like a man trapped in a woman's body, so it's tough. πŸ˜‹ click to expand

    Yes! The attraction is mutual, although I did just get ghosted by a Gemini dude... I don't think I'm friends with a lot of Cancer guys, and I'm definitely not friends with a lot of Gemini men if any at all, haha. Which ones do you think aren't good for relationships? I've never dated a Gemini... I think I'm better off with a Cancer guy but I feel like I'd make another one of those "Cancer man left me" threads that everyone has been making on here. πŸ˜‘ Anyway, I'm not in the right headspace to have a relationship right now, so I'm just speculating because I always love being in a relationship but I really shouldn't be thinking about that at this point, lol. And lmaooo, I can be pretty noisy if I'm comfortable. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And Gemini men... Like... I can never get a read on them and it's annoying. πŸ˜‘ But yeah, I went out on a date with a Cancer dude yesterday and it was so so nice. 😊 Hopefully I don't catch feelings lmao click to expandclick to expand

    I have no idea but Gemini men are quite tough to pin down. One of the reason why I can never do them romantically. I need someone earthy to pull me down. Definitely not them.

    Cancer sounds a good deal for you since you're able to be in tune with your emotions. You're a Cancer moon right? I have a hard time when it comes to emotions which is why water men wouldn't adore me in any ways.

    Just enjoy the moments and try to detach a lil bit. Falling in love can be fun but it can also scares me off. LooL! click to expand
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    Yeah, Gemini men seem to be the hardest to get to commit... I never attracted a single one of them until very recently, then I got like two or three of them taking me out on dates, haha. One was really, really nice to be around but he ghosted... I don't think I'll end up with one for the long haul. And haha trust me... I've had my share of experiences with Cancer men. The only difference now is that I've been attracting super early Cancer men, first decan. Those have their Suns in my 12th House which is apparently a really difficult synastry house overlay. The attraction is definitely there but it's not easy to deal with. My life, especially my love life, is never easy. πŸ™„ I'm really skeptical about considering another Cancer man to date for the long haul but one took me out on a date yesterday and we definitely clicked but not in the intense way that later-decan Cancers have clicked with me, so that makes me feel better. This dude is literally right at the beginning of Cancer season. I had a really, really good time with him and it was so easy to just be in the same space with him and we talked about what we look for in romantic partners and stuff and we fit each other, so we're going to see each other again and spend more time together to really get to know each other. I'm not in the right space mentally to commit again after what happened most recently, but I will definitely consider him because we clicked so easily but not in too intense of a way that scared either of us. The Cancer guys I've gotten into romantic stuff with in the past were just like... The connection was too strong and in the end those relationships just got messy. And yes, I have Cancer Moon in my 1st House conjunct my Ascendant. And lol yeah, now with everything that's gone down, I'm terrified of falling for someone again. I feel so hopeless that nobody will love me for who I am, lmao.
  • LeoHeat
    Leo (Sun & Mercury), Libra (Moon & Mars), Virgo (Rising), Cancer (Venus
    My Pisces man has moved to a new state. From my address to his new address, it’s exactly 666 miles. I’m not even kidding. That’s a 10+ hour drive! I’m madly in love with him and would be willing to move down to his new city, but I have another year on my lease! Are long distance relationships possible with a Pisces man?

    He is a first decan Pisces (Moon in Capricorn, Rising in Scorpio, Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Capricorn)

    I am a Leo (Moon in Libra, Rising in Virgo, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Libra)
  • Emhendo
    Da Killificent Nigga Buu, Bloodchild Jigga Buu. Mackjestic DripsπŸ’§
    22 years old from Chicago soufsidee
    Posted by OneKnight
    That chick in the video, is probably from the first Decan of Cancer. She actually looks like me. She has the same jaw line, is boxy, has the same crabby legs. Same proportions like me, except on a woman. 100% Cancer look.

    Moon has nothing to do with looks.


    Cancers got like this boney, sharp look to them.. She HAS that..

    treetrunk her little Scorpio placement gotta do with that Cancerian beauty??

    Even if we just talking about personality and the theme of the video, she STILL was displaying Cancerian qualities.