Understanding Jupiter in Cancer using Astrology

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  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S
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    I have had lots of good emotional and psychological connections with people, but the ones that stand out as the most special hit what is probably a spiritual level that is impossible for me to describe -- I can't even use the word deep for it. Maybe it would only be possible to capture it with art or music.

    yes indeed.

    its too hard to capture...it's so otherworldly.

    you'd have to capture it in art....expression of music, painting ... poetry.

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    its like wutherin heights.... when heathcliff cannot let go. and knew from the beginning his connection is too strong ...even in death.

    It's greed. He was greedy for her ...craving ..his craving made him greedy.

    Emily felt he was more herself than she was. And if she died and he lived ...she would still be living.
    They met when they were young ....and half savage.

    Their souls were made of the same thing and they were just one person ...so when they were together ..they forgot everything....and there was more of this 'soul' stuff material ..double ..and so they were more powerful.

    You that time of your life ...as girl ....before boys ..but during adolescence ....everything seems more magical than when you were a kid. I think it's because you can look at the woods and imagine way more at 13/14 than you could at 9 yrs.

    Wuthering heights was written by a woman ..it's a woman's thoughts experiences. It's very influenced by that 'time'.

    'Be with me always ...take any form ...drive me mad..only do not leave me'...

    They are the spirit of the moors ...not of people .or some supernatural force....that's why they were drawn to each other that energy.

    Lockwood passes their graves at the end ...then looks on the moors.....it's like the moors are them.
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    i love it...i feel so similar in what she feels. like super possessive. lol

    and i remember her chart, Leo sun, Scorpio rising, Cancer moon, Virgo venus/Mars.Jupiter Capicorn, Sag neptune/Uranus.


    i remember some men have told me that i haunt their dreams. I dont know if it's that same thing LOL

    but i have "connections" with people i love. Meaning, I can enter their dreams and I know when something bad will happen, like a forewarning. The connection is so strong. And when they are sad,depressed, or not well, i feel it.
  • TheWeirdOne
    Passionate Earth Moon conjunct Mars.
    So this morning aftter work i asked her out.

    We had spoken before but as acquaintances. I said so your name is ********* she says yes and i said well i am ******** she smiled and said nice to meet you.
    Asked if she was busy this weekend.
    She said no. I then asked if she would like to go anywhere, maybe for a drink. Her smile was glowing but she said this is difficult becaise i sleep Sunday and i need to keep it the same on Monday and i totally understood her. She says she wants to move to day shift and that she has no friends. we got talking really comfortably about how i had not lived where i am very long and may be moving soon either within where i am or somewhere from my past where all my real friends and family are (non blood family). I said perhaps we can arrange something on the night together ?
    She says all she does is watch movies and play Xbox. I said that is cool and that i do not go out much either.

    She says she don't know but i could tell she enjoyed me asking her out. I said well you will have to come up with something to do on the night.

    I was also fending off my collegues who thought i would never ask her. I did it in full confidence with no mistake.

    So what is your take folks?

    I am a Sun in Cancer conjunct Jupiter in Cancer 12th house with Moon conjunct Mars in Taurus 10th house conjunct Aries MC. Leo Mercury 12th house conjunct Asc Leo.
    Gemini Venus.
  • Shes:

    Sun sagitarius
    Moon: leo
    Asc sagitarius
    Mercury scorpio
    Venus scorpio
    Mars capricorn
    Jupiter libra
    Saturn libra
    Uranus scorpio
    Neptune sagitarius
    Pulto libra

    Her Key houses: sag sun in 12 house

    Me: sun and asc leo
    Moon cancer
    Mercury cancer
    Venus virgo
    Mars capricorn
    Jupiter pisces
    Saturn sagitarius
    Uranus sagitarius
    Neptune capricorn
    Pluto scorpio

    My key houses: sun in first house and mercury and moon in 12 house
  • TheWeirdOne
    Passionate Earth Moon conjunct Mars.
    I love myself to be confident to show others the correct way. To smile to brighten anyones day. To avoid dark / bad people.
    To make my 12th house Sun express fully.
    Walk anywhere and people lay eyes on us.. Be it attraction or magnetism. We have a stride.. Majestic, gentle yet powerful and masculine.

    My chart is very feminine but MC in Aries & Asc in Leo.

    Sun is conjunct Jupiter so Cancerian features show through strong.

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    Singing may be my Taurus placements but Leo confidence + Cancer emotion & Taurus pleasing voice.

  • Posted by MyStarsShine
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    Mother wound
    Wounding around women


    Please elaborate... It sounds about right at least for me.

    It can indicate having a wounded mother or the mothering you received felt painful. You may have similar issues being a mother, although I would argue that with awareness this could be healed 💙. You may encounter women with issues...and it can also mean profound sensitivity in both yourself and others you meet. Which house/s are the planets in and what aspect do they make to each other?

    I hope you are doing okay 😘
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    Thank you lady. ❤️ And yes, my mom did have a painful time taking care of me during my earlier years because of the medical issues I had at birth... Pluto in my 5th House makes me wary about wanting to bear children myself. And the sensitivity part is unfortunately correct, haha... I have a short temper.

    House I: Cancer
    Moon in Cancer
    Sun in Leo

    House 2: Leo, empty

    House 3: Virgo
    Mercury in Virgo
    Venus in Virgo

    House 4: Libra
    Mars in Virgo
    Chiron in Virgo

    House 5: Scorpio
    Pluto in Sagittarius

    House 6: Sagittarius, empty

    House 7: Capricorn
    Uranus in Aquarius
    Neptune in Capricorn

    House 8: Aquarius
    Jupiter in Aquarius

    House 9: Pisces, empty

    House 10: Aries
    Saturn in Aries

    House 11: Taurus, empty

    House 12: Gemini, empty