cancer mars

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  • Nevamore
    The wisdom tooth said treetrunk you.
    Murder mars. Just don't mess wih us or we stab u.
  • Kemetisinme
    Online guru. GIF peasant. Low IQ treetrunkboy
    @scorpx3 I'm just amused by it all (their indirect ways more than anything). Also, much happiness to you and your Scorpio.
  • Kemetisinme
    Online guru. GIF peasant. Low IQ treetrunkboy
    some of the guys behave like women (highly emotional, moody, passive aggressive) from what I've seen .. just LOL
  • Lobo
    " value=""
    male from Dallas, virgo sun leo rising scorpio moon, mars cancer venus virgo
    Are we just passive aggresive markers?
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    Tell me all about them please.
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    Hi everyone! I have I have Pisces in mercury and mars in cancer, and I think because of these I often find it hard to communicate clearly and precisely to people exactly what I mean. Do you guys have any tips to help a girl out? Much appreciated!!
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  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S
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    Libras. Don't argue with me on this one

    I wouldn't have thought Libras. I notice they probably are flirty and attention seeking with the opposite sex but i haven't noticed much else.

    So what's your reason for that one

    Depends on the placements. But all libras know how to stir things up with the things they say.
    In my book, being purposely controversial is an attention seeking tactic.

    Wouldn't that be more of an Aqua thing?
    At least according to the stereotypes.

    I think intention is different but all the air signs do it to some degree. Aquarius is entertained by the reactions of others but Libra does it to be seen by others

    I mean as I already stated every sign likes attention. It's a human need after all.
    We just approach it differently.

    The one thing I have learned from Leo is that it is okay to have those desires and needs; that it is okay to have an ego.
    That was a very important lesson for me.

    I'm glad leos taught you something even if it's ego related lol.

    Ego is very important. we need it for self esteem and it's also a motivator. It doesn't necessarily require external validation like people think, it can be internal and self validation and that's the most important type.

    aries is exalted in the sun. they got the ego too. lol

    yeah leo is good ego/self esteem.
    my ex's are aries dominant with leo placements and their self esteem is through the roof.
    when it was good it was really good.
    nothing gets them down. I like that alot.
    it brings my energy up too!!
    me and my husband, we buoy eachother:: meaning give eachother good energy exchange.

    User Submitted Image

    Yeah I'm both lol. Leo and Aries moon and rising sign. I'm virgo dominant but my sun and moon keep me mostly happy and confident so i don't get insecure much

    What's your dominant?
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    yeah but you dont feel very upbeat at times. I think your cancer mars & virgo venus gets in the way. Tongue

    but it's good that your aries/leo parts gives you buoyancy to stop the cancer/virgo venus parts from being too overly critical.

    cap,pisces,taurus for me.

    you aries/leo cancer? (with virgo domiannt)

    virgo, aries/ Leo/cancer/?

  • Boots1313
    Taurus Sun,Virgo Moon, Gem Venus, Libra Rising
    Curious about how two people with the same Venus sign would get along. I know my Gemini Venus makes me a little flighty at times and bored in a relationship. (I can at times have a wandering eye, mostly look but don't touch) I'm a Taurus sun so I assume that's what keeps me stable and loyal despite this.
    So being said, my man and I are both Taurus suns with gem Venus and cancer mars, is this combo too similar that we will both just get bored or because it is similar we have the right spontaneity and spark to keep it going?

  • Lioness18881
    • 🌛 & Rising ♈ • Mars 🦀 • 💕 ♍ •
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    On dxp... the Leo moons and the pisces moons love attention and want to fight, respectively. Leo moon wants attention, and for some reason the pisces moon wants to fight with everyone. Just look at many of the users with these placements over the years...

    Do they fight each other?

    I don't know who's a Pisces moon on here so i haven't noticed those ones. Barely know what people's sun signs are lol.

    No, they don't seem to fight with each other more than anyone else. Leo moons make threads about anything and everything, and many are actually quite personal in nature. To me, it just seems like they wanna chat about things and also themselves lol. Male and female are both similar in this regard.

    The pisces moon on this site just flat out seem to want to fight with anyone and everyone who clicks on their bait threads. They create threads for shock value, and just to argue for the sake of arguing. You won't ever get anything substantial or intelligent from it, because they don't listen or want to actually engage in conversation and exchange thoughts... they just vomit words out to be weird or offensive to gain attention. See DJ, terramine, aquarius_man, another aqua who's name I can't recall atm, etc. BTW, I'm basically referring to pisces moon men on this one, though there have been 2-3 women on dxp who have done the same in the past.

    We need to get them in the same thread to have a fight for entertainment purposes. Lol

    It sounds like they're very different in how they are self absorbed or seek attention. From your description, Pisces moon seem to be arrogant and stubborn. I had an Aries friend with Pisces moon, treetrunking manipulative psycho. Got kicked out of everywhere. She always got negative type attention.

    I've dated 2 leo moon men. They talked lots and wanted to tell me everything but they listened too and asked lost of questions because they're Aquarius and they want to know everything. From the dxp leo moons, they do tend to make heaps of topics and talk about themselves a lot too.

    I thought leo was going to get smashed in this topic. But i was curious because they hardly even talk in the leo forum. Or they say their peice and move on. I think i talk more than most of the other ones though.

    What are your signs?

    Yea that's pretty much my same assessment of them... I like Leo moons a lot, I don't mind the attention they need nor do their threads bother me. I don't find them to seek attention in a selfish or negative manner. I usually always will click on a thread made by a Leo moon here and enjoy it. Pisces moon is my least favorite astrological placement irl, everyone knows that and what I have seen on here over the years only reinforces that opinion lol. I do like the user Rom and sierra with that moon, so it's not completely hopeless.

    I think most of the leos on dxp are not dramatic or attention seeking... it is the moon that takes that award here. There are a lot of users here who hate leo moons. I think moon placement is more telling of who we are than sun placement. Esp fixed moons!!

    I am a Gemini with capricorn moon

    It's probably more to do with the combination of both than one or the other.

    My moon is 12th house so it's not even a real moon so i got ripped off. Your cap moon probably grounds your sun which i think is good.

    I know how ya feel... I have 12th house mars cancer opposite my moon Crying as a water singleton and I am pretty sure its the worst placement and house in astrology. I think I might rather have my moon there instead lol.

    Ok i don't know much astro stuff... so help me out here. My 12th house moon makes me be terrible at expressing emotions. So does having mars there mean you're no good at sex? Because you can learn some moves. You just gotta watch some porn and i mean the guy will take the lead amd you can just follow. How bad could it be?

    Worst than that! 12th house I think is supposed to be hidden, unknown, spiritual, etc aspects. Mars goes beyond sex, it's the planet of action. So I can be deeply determined to do something with my cap moon, but then that dreamy watery mars will restrict the action... with it additionally being opposite my moon. That's how I have interpreted that placement. With your moon in the 12th, you are probably very sensitive and maybe even seem Piscean more than whatever sign it's in, since its ruled by Neptune.
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    It's Aries moon. I am secretly sensitive but no one knows, not even me. I fire up or get upset then get over stuff in like 5 seconds and then wonder why I'm not upset anymore and i think something is wrong with me. I have cancer mars too and i hate that placement. So in 12th that must suck balls because it's already a butterty mars sign. Does it affect cateer and goals and ambition or mostly relationships for you?
  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S
    Posted by TheTinMan
    I'm not a boobs person at all sorrySad. I wouldn't care how attractive boobs might look but that won't get any attention from this man right here.

    wow your moon gemini cancels out the cancer venus, cancer mars.
  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S
    Posted by CaptainCap
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    I need some advice here aquariums, common, come out of the woodwork, recognize someone who wants to know not necessarily what they're jumping into--but what they might be being pulled into.

    *The more I ignore him, the more he seems to be using his social prowess to gang up and force me to react to some degree.

    I know you're gonna think this is arrogant, but it's not meant to be: Personally, I'm a Leo; privately, I can handle *anything* this guy throws at me. I can handle anything anyone throws at me. But helping people dismantle their walls with my strength is a too, I use to loved them more. (Not something I discuss face to face with anyone). **But you can't establish something with someone evasive--which is half of what he wants, I know.

    I need to know whether to push for a professional relationship or help him come out of his shell..calling all Aquarius assistance..

    *Original and single minded question--Aquarius: do you ideally seek a committed relationship, even if it took years to establish, or, do you prefer casual sex? Just be upfront and

    You're a Leo so I'm tagging @lioness18881

    If she replies, you do the opposite of what she says for the best outcome 😂

    I think OP should avoid the Aquarius. Aquas are not worth the time of day. They are cheaters and liars and don't deserve to be acknowledged

    User Submitted Image

    That's pretty much how I see it. My mom is an Aquarius and I've called out her lying many times. Her and my Dad have been married my whole life and (seem) to have a good marriage (we live in the suburbs, so we got that "perfect American dream" type dynamic). I remember one time my mom was looking shady as hell and complaining, "This guy keeps texting me about problems with his wife he's divorcing and I have no clue why he keeps texting me about it!" Dude was asking to link and talk or whatever. I didn't like the vibe I was getting nor did I want to dive in deeper to find out because she was acting how my Aquarius exes would act when they were doing some shady butter. I remember when I was really really young, my mom took us to my Dad's barber and when we left, the barber had the balls to follow us outside and ask my mom if he could go to the mall with us, go shopping, and get something to eat. A few years later, he was hit and killed by a car and my Dad went to his funeral. For years, I've always wanted to ask my Dad if my Mom ever told him about how he tried to ask her out because I don't think she ever did and he definitely wouldn't have went to that funeral knowing this dude had the nerve to try to come onto his wife with his kids around.

    lol i knew it!!! i knew you'd say something bad about your mother too. i thought to myself...he hasn't written anything bad about his mother ...but i'll wait...

    Man, get out of here
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    dude this is the vibe i get from you and your posts on these air sun women. cause i saw you post about them at the aqua forum too.

    there's an astrologer who helps BOTH men and women on her blog, and she's married to a taurus/scorpio moon cancer mars and i dont think she is wanting some side piece during her consulations. -_-
    always suspicious of people's intentions, he sounds.
    i would hate that type of man. like NO TRUST at all.
    if he is like that.... you will be doomed in a life of hidden away in a cabin.. with no communication of anyone. and even your animals /pets taken away because it takes away the love you give or should give to him only.
    maybe that's why.

    the attention and care for other people on a platonic level is what some men are afraid of. they fear that it will be taken away from them. When seriously, the romantic is always gonna be with the one you love,
    the platonic love is different when you have it for people in general to HELP them, like a nurse or caretaker, or someone in the spiritual occupation. These guys are JEALOUS as hell.. in a dark way.

    anyhow, i copied and pasted and yeah that's how you are.

    so it's best you stick to women who will go off in a cabin far away with no contact and communication.