Cancer Moon

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    My clockwork heart
    sensitive, emotional, intuitive, Cancer moon is able to deal with a very wide array of emotions. We also have a weird sense of humor and can usually spot, smell and air taste treats from ten miles. You know you ♥ us.
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  • ScorpioTruth
    Scorp Sun. Cancer moon. Virgo venus.
    37 years old female
    Posted by Lioness18881
    Posted by ScorpioTruth
    Posted by Lioness18881
    Posted by ScorpioTruth
    I would think aqua. That’s like being emotionally disabled lol

    My best friend is Aqua moon, she's emotional AF. I told her my boyfriend and i broke up and i said i think something is wrong with me, and she started balling her eyes out saying nothing is wrong with you 😂 click to expand

    Damn I would never expect that lol I don’t think I know any aqua mooners, I guess that’s what I get for making assumptions lol click to expand

    Yep. Shes Cap with Aqua moon and Aqua venus. They might not come across that way, but they have hearts of gold. If someone they love gets hurt or upset, or if someone dumps them, they're emotional wrecks. Maybe not all, but this one definitely is. click to expand
    click to expand

    My sons dad is a cap sun with aqua Venus but his moon is in cancer. Sometimes his aqua Venus frustrates me to no end. Lol it definitely contradicts his mushy cancer moon.
  • Librasetting777
    ♎stellium ♈asc. ♉moon ♐stellium.
    Posted by fishcrabscale2
    Do you know any couple of this combo?

    What are their sun signs?

    Whats good? Whats bad and how you handle it?
    nope never been with a cancer moon but I've been with quite a few cancer suns.
  • LadyNeptune
    Depends on the placement. Cancer moon is stronger than cancer sun. And Leo sun is stronger than leo moon. For example.
  • Best relationship I had was with a Cancer moon. It actually worked out really well. Our relationship was never short of intellectual/sexual conversations, which is like my fuel. Cancer moons, like the suns have deep rabbit holes, and venturing into her innermost thoughts was always an adventure.

    I wouldn't underestimate water/wind pairings, and compatible moons are pretty important.
  • WildatHeart
    Libra Rising, Cancer Sun/Mercury, Cap Moon, Virgo Venus, Taurus Mars
    I think it depends on the signs in those placements. I have an Aqua friend with a Cancer Moon and I always think his Cancer Moon has a stronger pull on who he is although I can definitely see some Aqua characteristics. I have an opposition between my Sun and Moon and internally life often feels like a struggle between head and heart. Mine is odd because the Sun is in Cancer and the Moon is in Cap, the combination makes me very guarded. I think the moon (the heart) typically wins though (maybe because of the Cancer influence) just in a very roundabout, stunted, uncomfortable, awkward sort of way.

    You're welcome everyone who has ever loved me.
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    Guess im the first to say it HELLO out there and that is all ^_^ lets mingle
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