Understand The Cancer Woman Using Astrology

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  • Berzerker
    "Complaint are appropriate neither for oneself nor others."
    21 years old male
    @Sunsetvirgo cancer woman reasons
  • I dated a Cancer Woman and I'd like to say in physical attraction she probably ranked #1. She had a confidence about her, was fully aware of her beauty, and had the sexiest mannerisms I've ever seen a woman display. She was the only coworker I ever dated in any career. She maintained a professional demeanor at all times and enjoyed being challenged. She would have luncheons with various guys, so many I almost thought she was a Gemini, but she wasn't really a flirt. She just refused to be insulting towards people she considered nice. I couldn't tell she liked me at all until I openly expressed that I had no interest in a relationship with anyone while she was providing me a ride home while my car was in the shop.

    She gently took my hand and said that was unacceptable because I was worth it. From that moment forward she began her acts of seduction and she was the best femme fatale I ever had. Outside of her work clothing she looked like the ideal behind Wonder Woman. She managed to showcase her entire body without showing barely any skin, and had the nerve to want to eat ice cream as we sat and talked. That woman tricked me out of my trousers faster than a freshman at senior prom. The sex was awesome I remember 7 for me and she had at least 15 O's. As she napped I made breakfast.

    The kicker was this, after a month or so of hot sweaty jungle love, she became on and off. She would call me whenever she wanted to see me or whenever she wanted to do something, but she wasn't all over me which I enjoyed. She began this push pull game with me, keeping her issues from me, and not really trying to get to know me beyond a meal and jumping her bones. I think she had a few control issues and didn't really want initially a relationship or wanted to develop one in a way she understood, which seemed inconsistent. She would go days without speaking to me, I would call her and she'd tell me she was busy, but whenever she called she wanted me to come running. Well, the way I am is you have about 72 hours before my mind is no longer in my body, but officially back in the stratosphere of my thoughts.

    I became pressed by other matters and though she did ask me to breakfast a couple of times after that, without constant communication or seeing her, I respectfully declined her until we drifted apart.

    So for the Post Game Wrap Up, VERY sexy, well mannered, having fully developed personalities and hobbies, & fully equipped for relationships and definitely know how to pursue what they desire. At the same time, disappear longer than a Gemini or Aqua, less open to sharing their truest thoughts or deepest emotions, less direct that other signs of the zodiac, and are VERY SUDUCTIVE!! A relationship may have worked easily if we both were in proper balance at that time in our lives. She made a lasting impression in the shortest amount of time. That's very difficult to do with a Virgo Guy..

    Addendum: I forgot one other important detail. The Cancer woman introduced me to the coolest music, TV Shows, and other extremely artistic subgenres which I really wasn't aware existed. Of every Zodiac Sign I learned the coolest shyt from her. I actually learned and enjoyed what I was exposed to. You know how rare it is for a Virgo Guy to be unfamiliar with anything??? lol And what I found most beautiful was that the knowledge within her mind was not the typical "modern day" women garbage we all can regurgitate from the magazines and talk shows that the media shoves down our throats. She actually had a mind full of her own ideas, her own loner pursuits, her own hobbies, and was making her own paths. To be honest, now that I am reflecting I think I still like my memories of her a lot...

  • Quick update: saw cancer girl Thursday and we made plans for Saturday night. We went to the beach grabbed some food and hung out there for a while. Conversation was better than before but any time I’d make any kind of sexual joke or joke about any kind of reckless behavior or something she didn’t seem very amused :/ nothing necessarily wrong but I don’t feel like I can truly be myself .

    Went back to my place after to watch a movie hung out there fooled around a bit and she ended up sleeping here last night. No sexy time. Woke up watched World Cup (congrats France) cooked her breakfast and hung out at pool for a little bit after. Overall it was a pretty good time but I feel like have to really censor myself and I can see that becoming a problem unless she starts to open up/lighten up more. Like everything I say that has anything to do with partying or staying out late or anything along those lines seems to bother her. I really like her but idk if I can walk on egg shells for many more dates. I’m not going to give up on my pursuit of dating a Cancer woman but this girl might not be the one.

    I met a Gemini last week and we’ve been texting non stop and the communication flows so smoothly. We’re hanging out Tuesday ( even though I said I was done with gems) so I’ll see how that goes and me and cancer will make plans for later in the week. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend smile
  • Arielle83
    Good c.u.n.t.
    I find most cancer woman manipulative and self serving
  • I spent 2 days with a group of friends including with a Leo man I don’t really know well. (I’m a Cancer woman). It was a concert series, so we hung out during the day and did the concerts at night.
    During the slower songs (especially on my favorite), he spontaneously put his arm around me and pulled me close to him when I tested up during my favorite songs. Judging by his music (he’s a musician), he send to be a sensitive person. He even told me some of his insecurities with photos of himself. So, was all of that him being a sensitive/intuitive friend, or was that a Leo way of being physically close to a lady he likes?