Capricorn Rising Sign

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  • VenusAquarius
    Venus dominant Aries... how dat happen?!? 44 years young
    Capricorn Ascendant, Venus 1st House

    Hair color: brown (natural reddish tint sometimes, Aries Sun)
    Skin color: brown
    Height:5'2 1/2
    Heart shape face, dimple, plump cheeks
    Dark/thick eyebrows
    Look taller than my height because confidence
    Physique: petite (size 4) large breasts (34DDD) small plump frame, long legs.
  • VenusAquarius
    Venus dominant Aries... how dat happen?!? 44 years young
    Posted by BillieJean
    Miss America ... sarcastic nickname my family calls me because Im lazy and like to sleep and Im vain with my own appearance. Plus people think things come easy for me even though they don't lol but whatever.

    I blame it on Pisces Venus in the 1st house

    As for friends. Heck no. My friends never liked me that much 🤷🏻‍♀️

    12th house stellium and pisces stellium makes me shy and not like people (lol Im kidding) no but really I dont have much personality, so I think that's why. Im okay with it though, it makes me who I am.

    Glad you added the astrologocal assessment... I can see it.

    My daughter is a Pisces Sun, Moon, Mercury... sometimes I call her "The Princess and the Pea" after the fairytale.

    Kinda similarly, and not not really a nickname but people always put Ms. on my first name. Even people much older than me.
    Capricorn Ascendant
  • WarAngel1
    The man, the legend.
    38 years old male from San Antonio, TX, USA
    Posted by starlord
    Posted by WarAngel1
    Posted by starlord
    Posted by WarAngel1
    Caps got a lock on that one. Try dating one and find out yourself.

    Annoying coincidence: am sort of crushing on a cap, and I am way too much with him. But probably that's just because he is not interested in me. Maybe he is insatiable if he really likes the girl. But I know that sexually I am the insatiable out of the two of us

    It's okay to have a strong desire for someone or something.

    The problem lies in being insatiable with EVERYTHING. You could have perfection in the world and still they are not happy. Beautiful people but a dark cloud usually follows them.

    You say this about caps?

    I just feel sort of under-stimulated. It's never enough and intense enough. Nothing needs to be perfect. Wonder if other people pick up on that about me. And if many people feel like that.
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    I think for most people it's like that and if others feel that way about you in your mind, it's probably true on some level.

    You might have to adjust your expectations not only for yourself, but for others in your life. I have Capricorn ascendant so I understand partially about how you feel. Scorpio Sun, Leo moon.
  • Sun - Leo
    Moon - cancer
    Mercury - Gemini or Virgo
    Venus - Taurus or Libra
    Mars - Aries
    Jupiter -Sagittarius
    Uranus - Aquarius
    Pluto - Scorpio
    Neptune - Pisces
    Saturn - Capricorn
    Ascendant - Libra (home to the ascendants)

    Ok now I know this subject has been done before, I think. But I wanna add something a little extra to this. I was just sitting here wondering how would someone with a perfect chart like that would come off and how everything would manifest in them.

    As far as career wise, friendship, personality, marriage, communications, and even how he or she would look like if that part has any influence of the perfect chart.

    So ummm...........yeah let's talk about it.
  • VenusAquarius
    Venus dominant Aries... how dat happen?!? 44 years young
    Posted by Sag898
    Cancer Rising : First Thoughts I hear : Are you a virgin? You are really quiet. You seem like a goody good. I bet you wanna have kids and get married

    LOL okay everyone else go!

    Capricorn Ascendant: keeps me out of trouble. It's a bodyguard... Saturn.

    People don't mess with me... but, when I finally do have an opponent... they are quite formidable, powerful, crazy, suicidal...something close to a Stephen King novel.

    They say speaking to me is always like the first time. I'm always chosen to lead, the power behind "a throne," lead a revolt, leader by abdication, change agent... Saturn, trouble...