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  • What would be the best way to show a Capricorn guy you like him? Do they prefer a girl to be open and honest, or subtle? Do they prefer to chase, or would they like the girl to make a move? What if he's been hurt in the past and is afraid of rejection?
  • So I'm a scorp with a cap rising. This is important because I guess its the part of me that I present to others. I don't know much about cappys. Even though I've read tons for some reason I still cant grasp the essence of a cap. One thing I can relate t
  • The one that got away, does it stay on your mind? Is it someone you can't forget? Does Capricorns ever revisit this? If they do do they ever act on it? I'm asking the Cap men specifically but looking for all opinions.
  • I was with this capricorn man for 3 months (we made it official between us 2months ago) Things were really good between
  • Hey everyone! Thanks in advance for reading/ replying this thread, especially all you beautiful Cappy Women. Taurus Male here, got to meet this amazing capricorn woman 2-3 months ago. Went on a few dates 2-3 and been working together for a school proje
  • Dear fellow caps I'm writing here because I have 6 cap placements and I often feel more like a cap. I have venus rx in cap and I have a hard time letting go of pain and disappointments. In my past I was let down, lied to, betrayed and disappoint
  • Everyone I know is so beat around the bush! Don't mean this in a bad way but they never like talk about sex, i've noticed lol. It's like they will physically show me they might want it but don't really bring it up as topic of discussion and their flirting
  • My Cap guy is very* experienced with women. He often says I'm his favourite...but I want to be the best ;) With my meager experience of TWO men (him being the second), I am definitely not as seasoned as him. So Caps, what's better? Fav or Best? and
  • So i'm traveling alone and will be coming across my Cap's brother's city. Cap asked him to take me out. I never expected him to and wonder if i should go. Last time i saw the bro was the first time we met during their disaterous family gathering that was
  • I knew one and just wanted some insight. She had to take care of her baby sister at a young age to help her mother who stayed at home while her father was working in a gas station he owned. Instead of having sleep overs like other kids, she had to de
  • So last night, after my gut instinct telling me something wasn't right, I found out my cap has cheated on me. When he told me he was going to Germany for see family, after looking through his phone I discovered that he went to Greece to see his ex, pict
  • ☺️ I never meet caps I mean never ! So a couple weeks ago there's this new guy at work. Totally chill laid back dry humor and we have esp I swear . Anyways today I find out he's a cap . I'm excited! Never had a cap friend before .yay
  • So I met this Capricorn a week ago. He gave me his number the Friday so I messaged him the Saturday afternoon. Every thing seemed great lots of chat getting to know each other we have a few things in common which is good. We were speaking for the whole we
  • I stopped seeing my Cap friend for a while because I got tired of my situation, not knowing where I really stand with him. At 1st he was really into me and I knew where I stood. I knew he loved me although he wasn’t verbally expressive at times but we w
  • One of the biggest complaints I see about Caps is that we don't open up to people. People say that's the way to really get to know one another and they have a hard time getting to know us because we don't open up. Yes, we are definitely selective with who
  • I been an emotional wreck for the last few days i want to wring my GF head of i decided to give us a another chance but _._. I just feel like a ticking time bomb really. When i get this emotional my switch will eventually flip and i wont be able to
  • How do you handle a missed deadline? Or, more precisely, what do you do when you've PAID for a service, and the person told you they'd finish by x day and it's 2 days later and the person hasn't delivered? Do you get mad, annoyed, does it bother you at a
  • I met this Cap girl at my work place last year (school). She was the new kid on the block but was hired in a higher position than mine (and we had to work together as her being in the lead)…she didn't pay much attention to me at the beginning and I d