Cosmic Coupling: Capricorn men all match

By HamstheticsOctober 3, 2020 9:39pm — 26 replies
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how do i improve
in a relationship with capricorn man ive come to terms with the fact that im like 300 a s h i t t y person to be in a relationship with but i dont get it coz ive got a beautiful venus 11h my communication sucksss so bad as mentioned by cap and
The best non-Pisces woman for Capricorn men is Libra
capricorn rules libra s 4th house of family and home so libra women would be less likely to cheats on capricorn than the average non-pisces woman its also the equivalent of virgals-sagittarius match
If Cap man wants something, does he ever give up??
ok so a little back story i met the cap on a dating site pulled up his chart with his permission amp the synastry was mind blowing me leo sun cap moon mercury venus virgo scorpio mars him cap sun sag moon mercury in cap venus mars in pis
What to do with unemployed Capricorn boyfriend?
he doesnt want to get minimum wage job but hes looking for jobs in his profession he is also getting money from the government
How to get my Capricorn ex back
my capricorn ex and i had a messy breakup with fault on both sides at first he wanted to fix things and go back to the way we were but i was still working through my hurt and resentment and ended up pushing him away i now know that i am sure about him b
The Espionage Specialist Capricorn... Virgo Perspective
capricorns are one of the most adaptable versatile and methodical signs of the zodiac a fellow earth sign i proudly present a virgo perspective on capricorn sun sign if you ever experienced the pleasure of being in the presence of a capricorn youl