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  • rlustcancerian24!
    I'm glad you just validated what Ive been feeling and that I didn't try contacting him after that. No bad feelings here. I do love him but I love me too and if we end up not working out I believe it was for the best.
    Hope you and your capricorn man are good. Let me know if you need a listening ear, it's the least i can do. Take care!

    Posted by Wanderlustcancerian24
    He knows how you feel. Let it be up to him. He needs time to think about what he really feels. It’s not that he doesn’t care about you, but maybe he’s not looking for what you are at the moment. We aren’t the BEST at communicating what we are feeling all the time. Give him space or you will push him all the way away. Just let it be for now and let him come to you when he’s ready. He’s doing the push pull because he is obviously unsure of what he is feeling. Check out the rubber band effect!

    Posted by Drizzle
    Hi guys! Its me again. Thanks so much for all the input! I do need some help tho. The last time he came visiting, i asked him what i meant to him and if he saw a future with me, he asked me what i wanted from him and i said i could see myself being with him long term. He said i should give him time to think about it and we ended the conversation. After he returned home, I sent him a few messages but he would reply with short answers. One time he said i should give him a call but he didnt answer when i called nor did he call me back. I sent him a message asking if anything was wrong and he said he would call me later that day. This happened 2 weeks ago and i havnt heard a word from him since then. I dont want to message him so it wont seem like im pestering him but its worrying not hearing back from him. Should i continue to remain silent or do i message him. If i should what do i say. I wont lie im a bit confused as to what to do at the moment.
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  • To start off, the man I'm talking about is a capricorn sun, taurus moon and I am a pisces with an aquarius moon. I own my own business and teach yoga on the side (i'm very ambitious, every capricorn mans dream, right?!)

    I have a man that has been coming exclusively to my yoga classes for the passed two years. after about a year of him being my student and him opening up to me and reaching out to me I could tell that there was something more there and out of character I suggested that we hang out, outside of me teaching him yoga. We did. We started seeing each other and hanging out regularly (1-2 times a week) for about 9 months. I really fell for him at this point and I could tell that he did too but I could also tell that he was keeping me at a distance and holding back. Long Story short I brought up the "what are we doing here" convo, 9 months in, and he replied by saying that he really cared about me but that he wasn't sure yet because it hadn't been long enough for him to know where he wanted to take our relationship. We spoke for two hours on it and he just kept saying he cared, wasn't ready and was focused on work and apologized for being selfish but didn't want to stop seeing me. With that, I took a biiiig step back. He kept initiating us hanging out and still came to my yoga classes but i took intimacy off the table- I needed us to just be friends so that I could get my head back and decide what was best for me as I was/am emotionally in it with this guy.

    I took time to date around and do me but I still saw the capricorn man when he would ask me / only when I was free. Finally after a few months and him trying we did sleep together again, two times. Both times, and specifically the last time, I could see it in his eyes and his words/actions how much he liked me, but I know that he is still not going to let himself feel that or tell me that. I am very intuitive and I pride myself on being able to tell how someone feels.

    After the last time we hung out where I could tell his feelings, he disappeared. It has been two months he completely stopped asking me to hang out. He is still coming to my yoga classes though (and there are a million other classes and teachers..so why still come to mine?!)
    I haven't done much to chase him - I did text him a few times to see if he was ok but he just gave me the "i'm so sorry work has been keeping me busy" (typical capricorn). Anyways... he's coming to class, sending me songs for my playlists, staring at me and keeping eye contact while I teach and I can tell he's holding back. I just don't know what to do at this point....

  • Posted by bkbella86
    My cap ex is back and stronger than ever. But he’s focused on the wrong things. Doesn’t have a stable career or foundation but is talking about babies and “maybe” getting married.

    I told him “lmaoooo”

    I’m literally texting him right now. He left such a sour taste in my mouth from last time. He was angry because he took me on a date and it was expensive. He literally had a nasty attitude with me for the rest of the night and made it really awkward. His idea of going out is inviting me to parties lmaooo

    I can’t with him. I love bosses and career driven men who won’t pout because they are broke and can’t afford to date. He swears he changed but has already invited me to three parties and not one date. Yea buddy.
    Lolll that was super-average-basic-cheap Capricorn man. I hope you will find your Christian Grey soon 😻.
  • Posted by GOATAction
    Cancer women.
    Very caring and calming, but get hurt easily. Extremely moody. I'd love to meet a solid one and make it into something romantic.

    Capricorn man and cancer woman is very good couple actually 💘
  • DeadInside
    they'll bend the knee
    Posted by kitten_
    Posted by stillstillwater
    we? Confused

    Ok listen you talk way too much about Pisces and Virgo women to be a Cap. I haven't known a single self respecting Cap man to dwell so much on women outwardly hhmmmm
    see my username? It's clearly written as "Kitten" not "DannyTrejo". Don't expect me to act like your average Capricorn men. Thank you.
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    but average capricorn man are not kitties... or kittens

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