Understanding Neptune in Capricorn using Astrology

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  • That's an interesting topic for me cause I recently discovered my personal style that feels natural to me on flirting.
    I experimented for some time with my friends ways of flirting and attracting men cause they seemed to work. It brought me some men but not the ones for me lol. I am 20 and not very experienced also still testing the waters.

    So the style that works and feels natural to me too as for now is more sweet and less outwardly sexy. I am more sensual than sexual.
    Not a cookiemonster for sure 😂
    Not the girl with the crazy make up and eyeliner or high heels. I am probably the girly, artistic, romantic girl... Well...!!! 💃
    I have Mars in Cap end of 12th conjuct the Ascendant. That actually plays out like I may dress in a more sexual way but not have the intention to do something, just to attract peoples attention or cause I feel like dressing this way.
    But at the end of the day my Mars is not a 1st house Mars. It's a 12th house Mars, three degrees from the Ascendant but still in the 12th. It likes to express itself behind the scenes when alone or in private . I am passive aggressive. I rarely have an argument or outburst of anger but when I do it gets bad and passes the lines. I am romantic, sensitive and probably have some other sides too as everyone, but I still like to express them in private.
    My venus is in Capricorn in 1st house conjuct Mars, Ascendant and Neptune. I can really tap into every role (Neptune) and charm is a piece of cake for me and my initial reaction. People have always called me sweet and smiley lol.
    Bottomline is being who you are and actually happy with it is the only thing that can bring you what you want and need. 💖💃p.s Sagittarius sun squad lol hahahaha
  • Neptune in Capricorn in 7th House

    Description is too accurate, haha.
  • ACsquarepluto
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    Posted by C69
    Posted by ACsquarepluto
    Will post a reading going over his aspects and houses tomorrow. 😊

    thank you!!
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    That's an impressive 12th house stellium. Considering these personal planets spanning from Aquarius to Aries all falling in the 12th, I believe he will appreciate communication which is honest, respectful, and sensitive and appreciates a personality who gives him freedom but welcomes him with open arms when he wants comfort. This is emphasized by his IC in Cancer. His sun-Saturn conjunction indicates that he may live by a rule of integrity: his capacity to involve himself with deception or immaturity could be limited, although he may give many chances to loved ones and friends. The moon so close to the ascendant could result in the need to develop selflessness in a long-term relationship: this is emphasized by his North Node in 7th. Considering his midheaven-North Node sextile and 11th house stellium, empathy could be practiced at work, for example: working in law (as judge, lawyer, or probation/parole officer) or in a field involved in investigating sensitive human subjects (dealing with death, etc) with a level head: work could be where he is confronted with the need to communicate with others sensitively. Alternatively, his work may be more analytical in nature without extensive involvement with clients and he could learn empathy and selflessness through group membership. His nodal axis suggests that he will find fulfillment in life when he minimizes self-serving behaviors and focus on accruing physical comfort/material things and seeks the rewards of relationships (or one involved, permanent relationship). With Pluto also falling into the 7th house, I believe he will eventually find through experience that he functions well within a relationship.
    With Chiron falling in Virgo in the 6th house, he may doubt his ability to communicate efficiently and effectively so he is understood. This tendency to be misunderstood could be emphasized by Mercury opposing Mars, which also falls in the 6th house. The culprit could be anxiety, or he could have been made to focus on studies minimizing what he was passionate about as a child. He could have also dealt with health (or skin/speech) problems or have grown up in a home with poor hygienic conditions. Neptune trine Chiron and Mercury biquintile Chiron indicate he could make strides overcoming insecurities which originated in childhood by mentoring others who experienced or are experiencing similar. He may get a lot out of charity or nonprofit volunteer work.
    Sun quincunx Mars in 6th by 2 degrees could cause a divide between the ego and the instinct. I believe this aspect could be overcome when he finds healing through compassion and learns to share love with the partner, as he experiences the gratitude of those he reaches out to and realizes freedom in action can be found with an effective set of principles established (considering midheaven in Capricorn and his Saturn-sun conjunction). This aspect could also play out with Saturn/the sun posing as obstacles to be dealt with and worked through until he has earned his freedom to follow his instinct, the wiser for the struggle involved.
  • I have a Capricorn rising but my 1st house is full. I have Mars from 12th conjuct the Ascendant. Also Venus in 1st conjuct the Ascendant. Then I also have Neptune, and intercepted Jupiter and Uranus in my 1st house. Too many energies blend in my personality and its true I have always worried and had difficulty with knowing who I am and how others perceive me.
    My 7th house cusp is Cancer.
    When I observed my behavior a little I found out I am a lot Cancer like in my close relationships.
  • I've Always felt a Strong sexual desire by slender woman but never knew really why. As I grew up I perceived the same pattern over and over again until I developed confidence enough to approach these girls and most of the times they had a Capricorn sun.

    I have Capricorn in my 8th house (Uranus, Neptune, North Node and Juno there) and I've studied astrology enough to know that Capricorn represents power, business, Money, success...But I've never knew how to approach properly a Capricorn woman.

    I fall for Taurus woman too (Venus in Taurus) and I don't have any problem getting closer to them but more in a romantic sense.

    For the Caps is a really STRONG sexual desire but I've never had any success with them maybe its because I don't have any power or Money lol