Understand The Capricorn Woman Using Astrology

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  • Scotteh007
    27 years old
    aries- Quiet unless you're talking to them about K-Pop
    taurus- Either loud & obnoxious or an alcoholic.
    gemini- Constantly talking to anyone
    cancer- My friends are always coming up with jokes/trying to get people laugh. Always bringing life to the party. Know sooo many Cancers.... Don't know about the woman. They live off of other peoples laughter....seriously.
    leo- The woman have long wavy hair. Like literately a lion.
    virgo- Will troll you in real life AND on the internet. Can never tell if they're serious.
    libra- Used to know some in high school but now I'm the only Libra I know. But if you want an opinion from me you're probably going to get one from both sides.
    scorpio- Drama incarnate. Doesn't matter what gender. Theres always something wrong. They won't accept your opinion in politics and will dissippear out of your life if you disagree with them. Probably for the best.
    sag- Probably talking about horror movies or wrestling
    capricorn- Woman are either full of sunshine and rainbows like the total opposite of a scorpio or the quiet kid in the room..
    aquarius- Either obsessing about their boyfriends or unavailable.
    pisces- Will turn anything sexual. Also giving you random gifts.
  • Baru
    cap sun - scorpio moon - cap venus, mercury, mars - cancer rising
    24 years old female
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    Not true for me, if I don't care about someone anymore don't have to contact them ever again in my life. : ) It's only if I still have feelings for that person or care about them in some way. If I'm done then I'm done and it's usually the other people seeking me... So nah I don't stay around people forever.

    Do caps get turned on when they are brutally rejected?

    Ummm no for me : D

    What about the pride?

    What do you mean?

    Capricorns dont like to get rejected especially in relationships. It hurts their pride to a great extent.

    Hmm yeah you could say that... I wouldn't say it'd actually hurt my pride more like hurt my feelings if I did have feelings for that person. Otherwise I wouldn't care much. I'm pretty proud, but it's more connected to my stubborness than feelings really and also if I don't really trust the person then fear of getting hurt. ; ) Then again who does like to get rejected? : D

    I was with a very immature capricorn once. She was highly anxious and full of insecurities. She used to get panic for smallest of the smallest hurdles in day to day life. To overcome these insecurities she started gaining fake control and power over other people. Tried to be nasty and all. It was all on the surface and nothing at the core. Well she met the wrong guy LOL.
    Yep nobody likes rejection but panicking and acting accordingly just out of the thought of getting rejected unnecessarily creates conflict and drama between the two parties. Its more like a headache for the other person. The capricorn tried to hold on to the power and control even when everything was lost. LOL It was not a pretty sight and she was looking sooooo dumb and lame.
    Oh yeah I can see what you mean. Well that's normal with Capricorns we are quite paranoid and can overthink a loooot which can lead us to believe some crazy fantasies we build up in our minds...Usually they prove to be absolute bullb*tter : D I personally choose to shut it down inside of me whenever I feel this craziness creep up over me I just try to eliminate it from my mind right away and focus on something else. And I don't filter it to the world, it's something that happens in my mind and people generally don't know about it. It depends a lot on the person I'm dealing with as well. If I have a solid reason why not to trust the person (meaning they hurt me in the past and they didn't learn from it and continue to do so) I'd probably give them a lot of b*tter about it and then leave them for losing respect for them. Because I hate lies and dishonesty in general. It's about being in control of your own emotions I guess and also how develepod you are I guess. Capricorns are deep inside very emotional people... Of course it depends on other placements in birth chart and aspects between planets just a sun sign won't tell you much...

    Well then you seem to be a mature Capricorn lol.
    Anyways I learned a lot about caps by analyzing the behavior of my cap. It was not pleasure meeting you guys Tongue haha LOL
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    Thahah lol : D don't throw us all in one sack that's not fair there are some good ones I promise! : D I'd say we're very difficult people and it takes a lot of patience to really get close to us because we don't trust and open up easily to other people. So we test and test and test untill one day if you're still there lol we give you so so much that no other person could provide really. But we have to trust you first. And boy don't break that trust. The truth is the people who made it can't live without me : ) It's sweet. And they hold me in a very high value. That's because I'm very sweet and loving with those people. But you have to earn it with Capricorns... We can give our all, but we have to feel like you deserve it. People who made it are there forever, I'm very loyal unless something really horrible happens.

    this is very fun video for sun capricorn woman : D

    What sun sign are you by the way?
  • @Tiziani Taurus woman or Capricorn woman? Which one is better for Libra men?
  • I've Always felt a Strong sexual desire by slender woman but never knew really why. As I grew up I perceived the same pattern over and over again until I developed confidence enough to approach these girls and most of the times they had a Capricorn sun.

    I have Capricorn in my 8th house (Uranus, Neptune, North Node and Juno there) and I've studied astrology enough to know that Capricorn represents power, business, Money, success...But I've never knew how to approach properly a Capricorn woman.

    I fall for Taurus woman too (Venus in Taurus) and I don't have any problem getting closer to them but more in a romantic sense.

    For the Caps is a really STRONG sexual desire but I've never had any success with them maybe its because I don't have any power or Money lol
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    Yup, I mean, we Capricorn men always get cheated on. So we don't have any choice.

    Aw man. Saturn got you way down. I'm sure not all Caps get cheated on. Come on now.
    all of them. Sadly ☺.

    I agree. All of them. And the the saddest part is the cheater feels no regret afterwards but instead feels free and relaxed.
    I only talk about Cap men. But Capricorn women are different story, they always giving, giving, giving and giving. So Capricorn women deserve better treatment 🤓 #imho

    This over giving nature of theirs makes their partner feel like the are stupid, dependent and trapped. The Capricorn starts controlling soon.... And then the partner finally starts feeling suffocated and he runs away. The Capricorn woman threaten to sue him.... He runs away more telling himself NEVER AGAIN
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    you must be grateful, many men are jealous of you and dreamed being taken care by a Capricorn woman 😉. But yes they are VERY controlling.