famous cancers

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  • CyberCrab
    Typical Cancer Guy I guess.
    106 years old male from Burbank, California, USA
    Lessa, I do wish you the best. I apologize if I offended you in any way.

    I think your cancer guy should consider running for office. He sweet talks you like a politician. That's why Cancer's make good politicians, they can lie thru their teeth, and people still believe them. This is an ability that can be used for evil, or good. Each individual has to make that choice. I remember being lied to by 2 famous Cancers not to long ago,

    George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld - Sneaky Crabs I tell you.

    I will end by quoting the Police:

    "Our so called leaders speak
    With words they try to jail you
    The subjugate the meek
    But it's the rhetoric of failure"

  • Mr. Defense
    I can defend myself against anything. I like to think of great defense and cou
    38 years old male from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
    >Posted by xMoonMan
    Posted by Mr. Defense

    I've noticed anytime I've seen a woman who is just drop dead gorgeous, she's always been a Cancer. I mean Cancer are women you can't keep your eyes off of. I guess I'm more of a fan of cute instead of hot. And something about Cancer women is very cute. I know Libras and Sags are suppose to be the most physically attractive sign. But I've found that Cancer women are just consistently breathe taking.

    Are they cute or breathe taking? Obviously you're sure yet.
    How many Cancer women have you met in your life? Out of a possible several tens of millions who inhabit the planet.

    Do you actually have the opportunity to ask all the cute/breathe taking women you meet, what Sun sign they are?
    Or are you just fantasizing about the attractive one's in the media?

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    Both Cancers I've met in real life and the media. I have known quite a few Cancer women in real life. I have never dated one seriously, but I encounter this sign quite a bit. Not every Cancer woman is attractive, but when you talk about mind blowing beauty, the woman is always a Cancer.

    I also don't watch TV so I'm unaware of who is popular in Hollywood anymore. I'm completely out of touch with the media world. I do know some famous Cancers who are very attractive though. But I find women I meet in real life and day to day more attractive than celebrities.
  • Me myself and I,lol. FAMOUS cancers i know,LIL KIM,i love u kim. Harrison ford, 50 cents,Missy elliot,PAMELA anderson