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  • sunnygirl
    "Gemini, Capricorn Rising, Cancer Moon"
    female from Australia
    Posted by Sultanaa
    Yea... I dont say we have to be "proud" to be born one.. or show the world how we have tons of other famous geminis, No, thats just overkill. Neither do we have to hint at our so called communication prowess or intelligence (if any).

    Does it hurt to just be ourselves? I know that the rest of the boards would love to torch us at the first hint of duality or show of nervousness.. i know that we do put in lots of work to overcome those, we did, we do and we'll keep doing...

    Damn all
    Damn everyone
    Damn this world
    Damn this keyboard!!
    **puts on mean face**

    **ooo shiny**

    You crack me up!! Thanks, I needed that.

    Naah, don't think everyone does that. Although I've found I am more Gemini around May/June and less around December, when I tend to take on my watery Cancer ascendant/rising/moon. Has anyone else noticed that?
  • emeraldgem
    Planet Sign House Sun Gemini 12th Moon

    eeeeeeks....let's see if it works

    We were talking about Famous Gemini's and mine is Joan Collins...I was born on her birthday...May 23rd
  • Starlight
    "Well, I'm a Virgo sun, moon and mercury, with a natal Neptune (7), and a Tauru
    I am making a small site with a page dedicated to each Sunsign.
    Here is what I've done so far:

    Gemini is one of the next ones I will do. I'd like anyone who is interested to share ideas, contributions and opinions.
    I thought that on the page I could have:

    * Poems and song lyrics that fit Gemini
    * Famous Geminis: the best, and the worst.
    * Jokes on Gemini
    * Quotes by Gemini, or ones that inspire Geminis
    * Pictures, or web art related to depiction of the Gemini symbol
    * Links to pages that describe Gemini

    + anything more that could be added !

    Please post, or give a link to lyrics that relate with Gemini, good Gemini jokes, images, poems... anything. Also, any ideas would be very welcome !

    I also need ideas for the colours to use for a Gemini page. Maybe you've noticed that the pages of ech Zodiac sign have a different colour theme that reflects the sign's personality.