“New karma”

By ImperfectStormMarch 20, 2022 11:34pm — 24 replies
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Cancer Sun and Taurus Moon, here you go!
you know its true https www youtube com watch v rxhkyi8eowm
Cancer Sun and Taurus Moon, here you go!
you know its true https www youtube com watch v rxhkyi8eowm
My fellow 12th house mooners
how does life feel for you being a 12th house mooner how was your inner world as a child and now what are your dreams and desires what makes you happy i just want to know more about you guys and how we can all relate to eachother it s a karmic plac
What moon phase were you born on?
this article talks more about it but it s very interesting basically they say it s as important as your moon sign does the description resonate with any of you also if you don t mind posting your moon placement sign and house https thoughtcata
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which reaction in response to a stressful event is common to you where is your mars the most common are fight flight faint fright or freeze
Scorpio Moons
to scorpio moons 1 do you have darkness within yourself 2 what is your definition of darkness 3 do you feel as though all scorpio moons are evil or bad people
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Aspects/ Placements/ Houses/ Signs That are Hard To Befriend
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Elizabeth Holmes and the evil of Aquarius women.
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