(Open request) The Seret Language of Relationships

By HamstheticsFebruary 1, 2021 3:19pm — 138 replies
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So I am calling out each and every one of you on this forum now!
oh man you done did it now yall sooooo i just wanted to call out each and every one of you being the amazing tolerant and sweet people you are who can put up with a lot i know ive been an annoying chit but thats because man dont even kno
Why do Sag women like Cancer men?
i seen a lot of posts from sag women about cancer men etccc i wouldve never thought this to be a match so i dunno just let me know whats up
2021, are fixed signs in early degrees fucked?
i hear 2021 is gonna be rough for anyone below 14 yet like above 7 degrees in a fixed sign
Tightest aspects in synastry chart are double whammys with Mars-Pluto and Venus-Mars
meaning 2 degrees or lower and happening for both partners what can you say about the relationship
6 planets are transiting my 6th house.
i am slightly depressed and having extremely insomnia been trying to work out intake more water and i ve kept up a vitamin routine for a week anyone experienced a stellium transit in the 6th house what happened during that time
Fire sign woman: Just once baby..?
earth sign man dont pull that sh t on me im not a water sign man img https i ibb co y8hgbpm erjnzl5-w4-aed-r5 jpg img
Which sign you used to underestimate but not anymore?
leo men i used to see them as the sign who lack depth complexity and darkness for me to respect but now i envy them upon learning they rules 12th house hidden enemies and experience of virgos which translate they has the biggest upper hand over virg
Which Zodiac sign are the most generous to you?
which zodiac signs has spending the most money for you excluding parents cost of raising you of course mine 1 libra 2 gemini
What is yours?
apparently virgals is frustrated boring and too serious jk img https i ibb co 94fh6ms 20210105-212941 jpg img