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Mutable energy
what is mutable energy like as opposed to fixed or cardinal energy can you tell if someones sign by this i always wonder because i can tell from the other two but not the virgos gemini pisces and sag do they just not seethe with anger like typical
Which Zodiac sign woman would make a better leader than...
some zodiac sign men especially in premium positions like as a president pm chancellor and maybe a ceo
What are the signs a VIRGO male likes you?
met a virgo male last weekend on my birthday he pulled my arm as i was leaving the bar he put his number in my phone he seems to be on and off like communication and he texts short texts he does work different hours due to being a barber but just curi
Scorpio + aquarius love advice, help!
hello guys so i recently realized i m in love with an old friend of mine unfortunately he lives in another country but anyway despite being from another culture which adds great differences in how we react and view this relation there is also his c
Sign in House of the Opposite Element
do you have some fire signs in water or water in fire or your earth signs in air or air in earth example im a leo sun fire but its in the 4th house cancer water aries moon fire but its in the 12th house pisces water im no expert so im
12 House Planets
i find the 12th house the most interesting its the deepest and most hidden it gets less attention than it deserves so ill pop them all in this thread so you can have a read and see if yours rings true of you credit where credit is due got these f
Moon trine Pluto synastry DOUBLE WHAMMY
if this synastry has a double whammy to each other what are the results
What's your poison and what's your sign?
was talking to the pisces and he said champagne im a scotch whisky type of girl im a leo it got me thinking what does your drink say about you i was curious to know if theres a correlation between male signs and male stereotype drinks and fe
Evil Scorpio woman got caught but she does not know it yet
this evil scorpio woman virgo sun scorpio moon caused havoc within the family by disturbing my parents at late night with anonymous calls she even went as far as faking her id as someone else within the family which is illegal now i got hold of he
how is 2021 going for you so far do you think it is better or worse than 2020 i am feeling good about 2021 and optimistic that it will be a better year than last year my confidence has grown in not getting covid since i got vaccinated by being one o