Battle of the Moons ❤

Give ❤ to each Moon sign you prefer
By HamstheticsNovember 15, 2020 3:26pm — 32 replies
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Pluto, Saturn and Chiron in the 4th house
Does anyone have any of these in the 4th and if so what influence do you feel they played on your homelife as a kid? Pluto -- feeling unsafe, or possible abuse by a parent Saturn -- experiencing suppression/too much discipline in the home Chiron -- emot
Taurus, Leo, Libra, and Pisces & their creativity
Taurus, Leo, Libra, and Pisces are usually considered as the signs which are responsible for creative activity. Frankly speaking, I cannot get the difference between them. How does their creativity differ? The only one sign I can describe is Libra, I gu
Do you feel identified with ALL chaisteristics of your Ascendant?
Ok we talked about the sun sign characteristics (in which sadly i cant identify with my sun sign too much) but how about your Ascendant? Do you feel like your ascendant when you first meet people? And most importantly do you look like it? Also state your
Do you feel identified with ALL the characteristics of your sign?
Ok, so I’m a Cancer here 🙋‍♀️ My sign is considered to be maternal. Actually we are called “the mothers of the zodiac” for some reason I’m not one of those women that is desperate to be a mom. I have all the other Cancer traits though. I’m extremely emoti
Can Scorpio and Taurus work?
Recently I found out I had the wrong birthdate for the Scorpio now I see why we've been talking for so long without even meeting yet. It's because of all the Saturn aspects I actually want to try with him seeing that there is potential for longevity. ht
what signs do you think
would be genuinely good and healthy for each other? no toxicity, just a nice supportive rapport? kind of like rae being a virgo sun/scorpio moon and not really sure about garfield's sign but i had a point somewhere in all these [img]https://i.imgur.
What do you think about Saturn in synastry?
I have Venus square Saturn, Venus sextile Saturn, and Saturn square Sun in synastry with someone.
Potential relationship - any insight?
Would love to know what do you think about this synastry... It's uploaded in my profile: Me - blue, him - red
When you have crush on someone...
What Zodiac sign you wish he/she least likely to be?
Capricorn Mars in female chart--difficult?
Capricorn Mars in women's natal charts are often considered as very difficult and hard to live with. Such women rarely get support from other people, and have to struggle against difficulties alone, and they are very proud of it. As they say, these women