Full Beaver Moon Lunar Eclipse - November 2021

By bmoon8November 16, 2021 10:49pm — 13 replies
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idk sometimes i find square more similar than opposite
Is this how a man who has Mars in Cancer acts when he is being passive aggressive?
i know this guy who works at a store he has mars in cancer we met years ago a while ago we went and hooked up whenever i see him we talk i gave him money a couple of weeks ago recently i started talking to another guy who works there about bitcoin y
Saturn returns
i found a saturn return calculator you put on your birthdate amp it calculates the dates of your 3 saturn returns https aquarianastrology org what-is-the-saturn-return for me my first one seems very accurate was the period of time just aft
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so ima talk about the pete davidson thing that s been going on for those of you that don t know pete davidson has been known to woo the ladies first kate beckinsale and some models now recently kim kardashian i know there s people out there that don t un
Is cancerian sexiness underappreciated?
i often hear people refer to leo as a sexy sign rarely cancer in my biased opinion i think cancers sexier than leos some noteworthy cancers lana del rey pamela anderson joan smalls sofia vergara sara sampaio margot robbie selena gomez jessic
Calling 12th house mooners
whats your relationship like with your mother can you describe it how do you feel
To those with air venus or mars
do you find yourself avoiding most social group settings not just coz sometimes crowds are draining pre-pandemic but also coz when things go too well it kinda turns you on or at least find that it kinda gets you bothered inappropriate thoughts any
What is wrong with Water signs?
why are you guys so violent four signs cancer pisces sagittarius and scorpio account for almost 40 percent of serial killers gemini and taurus combined account for only 11 percent https www astrology-zodiac-signs com images serial-killers-
The Office Characters Zodiac Signs
michael is a pisces or a leo hes so emotionally driven yet he also has to be the center of attention he cant not dwight- aquarius he is different he doesnt care what you think jim- libra he gets away with everything its that smile pam-
Is it gay for having sex with Aries women?
if a man have had sex with aries women in the past and now he recognize aries females as men after learning and discovering astrology does this make him woke enlightened and are allowed to pull the lgbt card asking for a friend