How much is your chart total worth? $$$

By HamstheticsOctober 30, 2021 8:35pm — 38 replies
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Tool to find exact time and date of certain moon illumination? (ie 33% illuminated)
hello everyone im trying to find something where it will show me what time moon will hit 56 illuminated or 26 illuminated etc - without having to keep timeanddate or other sites open at all times and wait in real time for that illumination to happ
For ♏️ Season: Ya Ever Have Thoughts of Killing Someone?
- and what are the causes for your violent fantasies if you know me personally i ve daydreamed about offing people since i was a child my earliest memory were visions of wanting to kill my stepdad while he was driving just thoughts of choking it w
I don’t like being Leo, feeling down on my start sign
hi all does anyone other leo feel this way it started when i started following some leo astrology pages on instagram and i was shocked by the leo pages for a few reasons 1 how egotistical just plain vein and self centred the going theme was even t
What do you think and why your favorite tv/movie characters placements are.
for example klaus mikaelson tvd originals for those who know the shows but if not check it out its awesome klaus is a scorpio sun north node libra venus leo mars pisces or aries moon aries leo ascendant and capricorn pluto elijah mikaelson
I can't deal with most Aquarius women
no other women in the zodiac has this self-righteous holier than thou complex and acts as hypocritical as they do some good ones exist here and there but my god truly the biggest hypocrites and wackjobs of the zodiac aqua women are the type that prote
most flirtiest astrology placements?
i have a libra venus libra mercury gemini rising pisces moon and leo mars which apparently libra gemini and pisces and leo are personally coined by people as some of the most flirtiest signs as well i do agree libra heavy people are super flirty thou
Do you think Taurus men are ruining this World and wasting countless of Lives and Potential?
yes or no do you think taurus men are responsible for teaching people to hate someone anyone who is wealthier than them luckier than them smarter than them more successful more imaginative more creative more tolerant more accepting more free-s
Do you find 'astro houses' really weird?
so im a first houser which is associated with the long shadow of childhood self-absorption and a larger than life vibe which is common to all fire houses theres a focus on the self which is absolutely true for me nobody can talk about their persona
Is this normal? (See last post)
so i haven t even gone on a date with him yet but we had plans as soon as he gets back from a business trip he asked me to pick him up from the airport i said ok just to show i m serious about him now he s saying that his baby son will be with him i