Let your Mars sign speak!

By WarAngelDecember 16, 2021 1:13am — 62 replies
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what sign do you believe doesnt deserve it and is just misunderstood its capricorns for me
Words your sign will never hear
aries - you have such a calm and peaceful aura taurus - youre always so generous gemini - i like how you made a plan and followed through with it cancer - how am i supposed to know how you feel if you dont ever express it leo - you should let
High thoughts about Pluto😤💨
lol i smoked me one and my mental aptitudes have expanded lol when we search for power we lose it before we even gain it but when we look for leverage we will find power the most powerful illusion of all is control we either think we have it or we
What is your ideal date? State your Sun, Venus and Mars :)
sun virgo venus libra and mars leo mine is a long hike in a dense forest woodland area during autumn where the trees have turned all sorts of colours then we have a picnic of homemade food made by the two of us sat by a stream surrounded by the beaut
Observations about zodiac signs in my years working/studying on IT.
in my classes and work place was always mostly air signs the libras probably was the bigger portion idk why they tried to always keep peace at the place but at the same time would gossip about everyone as soon they turn their back lol geminis were alwa
My Birth Chart Question
i have a question about my birth chart sun- aries 5 05 degrees moon- libra 21 50 mercury- aries 18 41 venus- aries 3 05 mars- virgo 23 31 jupiter- aquarius 13 52 saturn- aries 9 36 uranus- aquarius 7 44 neptune- capricorn 29 36
Making an ugly face
i understand its funny when beautiful air sign women make an ugly goofy face as a joke very humble indeed what i dont get is when an aries woman making an ugly face why you guys do that arent you guys already ah nevermind
Observations about zodiac signs in my years working at a nightclub.
years ago to supplement my primary income i worked as a bouncer at a nightclub before spending a year as a bartender it wasnt too bad as my city had a low crime rate and the club was definitely big i have somewhat of a photographic memory and overtim
Aries and Aries Placements - why y’all so rude to waiters?
i ve been trying to figure this out for years i ve declined many of eating invites because i don t want my food spit in it s the rudeness for me so what gives