Nastiest venus checklist✔✖

By HamstheticsMarch 21, 2021 3:57pm — 66 replies
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Who Are You?
1. Pick a colour that best represents your energy. 2. Pick two spirit animals, your yin and yang. 3. Pick your favorite sign in your chart. 4. Pick your favorite sport. 5. Pick your favorite tool.
Post em. For fun. Body of a god Leoooooo
Mutable energy
What is mutable energy like? As opposed to fixed or cardinal energy. Can you tell if someone's sign by this? I always wonder because I can tell from the other two but not the virgos, Gemini, pisces and Sag. Do they just not seethe with anger like typical
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Sign in House of the Opposite Element
Do you have some fire signs in water or water in fire, or your earth signs in air or air in earth? Example, I'm a Leo Sun (fire) but it's in the 4th house (cancer/water), Aries Moon (Fire) but it's in the 12th house (Pisces/water) I'm no expert so I'm
12 House Planets
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Moon trine Pluto synastry DOUBLE WHAMMY
If this synastry has a double whammy to each other, what are the results?