Progressed moon

By ImperfectStormJune 5, 2021 2:25pm — 24 replies
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Asking the Expert of the field
To Aries, who do you think is the 2nd most Temperamental Zodiac sign? To Taurus, who do you think is the 2nd most Stubborn sign? To Gemini, who do you think is the 2nd most Funny sign? To Cancer, who do you think is the 2nd most Sensitive sign? To Leo
Teaser Topic: Most Evil Sign
Hmm, how will this go over? I’m going to go through the signs until I get to my opinion, of the most evil sign of the Western Zodiac. This requires interaction; so your guesses illicit my responses (👍). Along the way, I’ll say what stops the sign that so
What could a Chiron at 22 degrees mean?
What does 22 degrees mean, on the Chiron?
Meet your slave, then switch;
Everyone, meet your master, now meet your slave (not literally, but maybe): In a nutshell: Find your opposite sign (the one who is 6 signs away from you in the zodiac). The sign preceding that is your slave, while the sign following your opposite sign is
Which powerful Zodiac sign are actually good at being submissive?
Consider they does not receive any external supports like having Pisces moon.
Do you ever notice how people exhibit the extreme good and bad traits of their South node and North?
Now I can only speak from 2 generation SN/NN sets because I've met and observed the most people from those ones. For Aries SN/Libra NN, I've noticed that everyone swings on the spectrum of extreme codependency or extreme independence. There's a theme of
Friends Reunion; common major placement
In light of the Friends reunion, i noticed that the cast all has one major planet in scorpio: David Schwimmer: Scorpio Sun Lisa Kudrow: Scorpio Moon Matthew Perry: Scorpio Moon Jennifer Aniston; Scorpio Mars Matt LeBlanc: Scorpio Mars **None for Courtney
He has Lilith in Scorpio
Touching all my Scorpio stallion Is this bad I read it’s like danger zone Like Pluto reslationships. Obsession sexual possession etc What do you know about this Lilith placement on a man
Aquarius man coming back after fall out?
Backstory: We went on a few dates, had sex, and then had a fall out cuz he pretty much stood me up. A year has gone by and we both dated other people. Throughout the year we would message and apologize for how he acted. I just ignored them as I was in a r
Question about Venus placement in houses synastry
My partner's Venus is in my 8th house. I've read a tiny bit about it and it seems that the effect is more on me from my understanding. I don't know how houses work in synastry to planets but could ya'll shed a light on this? Does this mean that I would be