Sags are bullsh1t artists

By 7sMay 11, 2022 5:12pm — 31 replies
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i am scorpio girl and he is sag male we have been dealing with each other since july of last year off and on we decided that we will not be in a relationship neither have sex because i will be going away for school in october since we don t want the pro
The highest form of lilth
rough draft if i dont write it down i will forget black moon lilth is a karmic placement it is more then that tho so much more the traditional stories involving the bible are one way of expression lilth inflicted goes to the extremes either wa
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which house is jupiter the planet of expansion transiting to your chart and can you relate i ve it hitting my 12th and can relate to the behind the scenes theme https cafeastrology com jupiter transits houses html
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as written by astromomma on facebook partial solar eclipse in taurus- are we living in alignment with our deepest values rocked shocked the beginning of self love recreated redefined on april 30th may 1st we have the partial solar ecli
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will come off very warm seems to make quick connections probably lots of friends and admirers just oozing with charisma and charm in outward appearance but when you get to know them better are actually pretty ruthless and as cold as a nebula without st
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Pisces Sun and Scorpio Sun guy. Who's more likely to make the first move on me first?
im not saying im stuck in a love triangle at the moment but im also kinda am its kinda fun though pisces sun guy has aries venus though so it helps him be more upfront confident and direct not sure about the scorpio sun guys specific placemen
First Johnny depp now will smith
what s up with earth sign women i thought taurus was a safe bet for gemini men and she has a libra moon