Saturn Return Stories.

By HypnotoadJuly 13, 2021 9:18am — 41 replies
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A woman messaged me and told me my divine life purpose is a light worker
i want to laugh at this but it also intrigued me a bit i was on astro-seek and a woman messaged me out of the blue and tells me she is an angelic messenger and she received a message from my angels i am assuming she is going to feed me some bs and then
Why Sagittarius men are cool and the women trash
so everyone has wondered why sagittarius men are so cool and the women are complete and utter trash i think i actually understand naturally fire energy is masculine and sag is a fire sign yet aries and leo women are cool af but sagittarius women are
Taurus and Gemini
i just realized that the equivalent of libra and virgo is taurus and gemini right correct me if im wrong taurus and gemini interesting i know about donald trump and his taurus wife melania any other famous taurus and gemini couple is this a p
Colorstrology - Open request
just state your birthday and ill post yours img https i imgur com q2bmp2c jpg img
Progresses Moon in Leo
tell me everything about it
Are Scorpios the embodiment of "all bark no bite"?
they make a lot of threats and self-promote themselves as being vengeful throughout the internet but i look at situations like jorge masvidal vs kamaru usman fights and also how often leos just tool the poor souls it makes me wonder when they said all
I don't see how Virgo and Scorpio men are such good friends.
given that virgos are nurturing righteous and try to be people with morals and scorpios are all about pulling a fast one on someone getting even and gaining power over people are virgos like just fake nice perhaps
Capricorn man confusing the hell out of me
cap sun aries moon cap mercury sag venus please help we met online cap called things off because he wasnt in the right mindset really liked me but didnt want to put me through it fair enough i leave him be but checked up on him later to which
Moon square Pluto in synastry
what is your experience with this aspect i have it with this guy im the moon person my moon is also in his 8th house and i can never completely get him out of my head even though i talk to other men i still cant completely stop thinking about him an
Drake flushing his condoms..
in a new song drake says that he is flushing down his condoms because hoes tryna collect his sperm is this low energy scorpion does this makes him another paranoid scorpio what do you think about this topic