Scorpio Venus Appreciation Thread

By SomSeptember 10, 2021 9:53pm — 112 replies
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Gemini venus...
are the rumours correct run from a gemini venus i hear mixed things anyone with experience gemini venus taurus sun btw
For my Mars in 12th house weeples😎
you are sttong5 you are a warrior your battles are not fought for you but for those around you let go let it flow and be artistic with ya anger be yang when is present being passive is not weak ots understanding the flow of impulse https yout
Yo! I was routing for drake…
i really was but kanye won this round i skipped pass through most of drakes album he had one song that was cool and i really like drake as an artist i notice kanye has a respect for music making i m not a fan of kanye but i can t not give props wh
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and let the big homie guide ya to ya gift
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some random person told me someone put a spell on me and i need to break it for a low low fee of anyone here know about these things is it legit what say you
i ve been talking to a girl and we both are attracted to each other but haven t taken this ahead yet i noticed a lot of coincidences in our charts could someone please tell me if these are indicative of a karmic connection 1 her moon and mars and j
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cancer and virgo relationships like any experiences or observations from people you know particularly male cancer x female virgo
Anyone here awesome at “chart reading” 📖 , willing to read mine? I’m looking for an “in depth” read
anyone here awesome at chart reading willing to read mine i m looking for an in depth read nothing shallow por favor i ll only post once if anyone offers no aqua haters for obvious reasons if no one offers that s ok too lol
Capricorn, Virgo or Scorpio rising?
img https i ibb co z4dyxcr rising1 png img img https i ibb co tbnbprp rising2 png img